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Wild Hemp – CBD Cigarette Review


Wild Hemp Cigarettes Review by Disciple 420

Was in the local head shop here in Chicago, IL and I came across these CBD cigarettes by the name of Wild Hemp. While we all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes, but if you smoke your CBD anyways, what difference does it make. If you don’t smoke cigarettes, then I recommend not trying these products, but CBD & tobacco have totally different taste and chemical properties, so smokers please continue reading.

While I’ve never actually done a review for a cigarette, CBD cigarettes are fairly new to the market, so I will give my best shot at trying to convey the quality of CBD cigarette you will be getting with this Wild Hemp product. On the company website they have them branded as “hemp-ette’s”, but for the clarification of readers who don’t know much about CBD, we will call them CBD cigarettes in this review.

Wild Hemp “Hemp-ettes”

As you can see from the packaging, Wild Hemp includes 20 CBD cigarettes or “Hemp-ettes” just like regular cigarettes, containting 0% THC. The 0% THC is usually an indication of hemp-derived CBD plants, and is legal in most states. I also liked the design, and packaging & branding are definitely a big part of product differentiation, so I have to give Wild Hemp an A on their packaging of this CBD product.

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After admiring the artwork and packaging for a bit, it was time to open the product and get a good smell of the product. I have to say I wasn’t very impressed with the smell of the product. The product smelled like straight up hay from a field when I opened them, but I must note I’m not a cigarette tobacco smoker, so the aroma may be a mix of filter, paper, & CBD. Either way the smell wasn’t very appealing as far as CBD is concerned, but none the less the CBD cigarettes were packed well, rolled well, and had a good filter on them. I would have to give the product a C on smell alone, and must say it added some skepticism to my mind about how the CBD product would work.

Finally after some inspection of the product and packaging, it was time to put the product to the real test. It was time to fire the product up and smoke a CBD cigarette for the first time in my life. I’ve smoked many joints, bowls, and bong hits of CBD buds, but never a machine rolled cigarette with a filter, so I have to say I was still excited even after the bad smell of the CBD cigarettes at opening the package. I finally put the flame to the tip and began to inhale.

I must say the CBD cigarette smokes really good, and really smooth. It was far better than smoking on a hand-rolled joint, and not having to worry about getting excess leaf in my mouth for the duration of the smoking session. The machine rolled CBD cigarette also seemed to burn longer, and was easier to handle when sharing it with a friend or friends.

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As I puff on the cigarette losing track of time, I noticed myself in a very relaxed state of mind. Not only did I have a nice little relaxed feeling about halfway through the CBD cigarette. By the end of the cigarette I was totally relaxed, and realized that the smell I smelled earlier was probably the filter and paper mixing with the CBD smell, but nonetheless my skepticism about the effectiveness of the CBD inside the cigarette was gone, so I have to give the Wild Hemp CBD Cigarette product the “Hemp-ette” an A for CBD effectiveness.

The relaxed feeling lasted for about as long as other CBD products, which for me is about 45 minutes to an hour. The nice thing about the Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes, or CBD cigarettes in general, is I had 19 more CBD smoke session pre-rolled and ready to go whenever. I must say this is a huge plus for someone on the road like me. I would also say these would be easier to get through airport security checks than flower or oil, but I haven’t tried it yet so don’t take my word for it.

Overall, I have to give the Wild Hemp product a B+. The only thing holding me back from an A was the hay smell when opening the package. I think they could do a little work on this and make the product a little better. I have to say though this is one of the better priced CBD products on the market. I have included links to Wild Hemp and the “Hemp-ette” product, so feel free to try yourself.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to Disciple 420 for more CBD product reviews on CBD cigarettes, CBD flower, CBD oil, and other CBD and industrial hemp products on the market. We also cover legal issues facing CBD, Industrial Hemp, and Cannabis, so be sure to favorite us and check out our latest posts.


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  1. I tried these and hemptrance cbd cigarettes, I found that wild help is just spent hemp no CBD at all. whille the hemptrance cbd cigarettes and CBD. I would do a review on those if you can find them!

    1. The Hempettes were the first we did and it was exciting, but I think you’re right about the quality. We will definitely give the hemptrance cbd cigarettes a try. Thanks for reading the blog.

    1. It contains 0.03% thc, so it considered 0%, yet enough to show up in a test.
      Drink balsamic vinegar + water to flush your system

  2. So it’s says 0% THC but may have up to 0.03 % THC so what’s the deal? So I guess if you buy a pack and have one occasionally and have to take a drug test. And something shows up. Just show your boss your hemp pack and say hey this is what I smoke and it’s not marijuana

  3. I really like your information that a CBD cigarette is going to smoke more smoothly than a hand-rolled joint. I’ve been using hemp to help me manage my anxiety but don’t love smoking joints. With your information, I’ll start looking for a CBD cigarette distributor.

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