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Welcome to Disciple 420, a blog based in North Carolina, dedicated to CBD Product Reviews, Medicinal Marijuana Advocacy & Reviews, Marijuana & Spirituality, and general 420 lifestyle topics. Marijuana & Hemp are a multi-billion dollar industry now in the United States, and advocacy for the legalization of medicinal marijuana in all 50 states is at an all-time peak. With victories in many states, including the legalization of CBD Oil & Hemp production in my home state of North Carolina, we wanted to do our part in helping to get us across the finish line.


We are more than just another review site for CBD products and advocating for the legalization of medicinal marijuana in all 50 states, we are also a site dedicated to promoting the physical healing properties of CBD, Cannabis, and other natural products, as well as the use of Cannabis in enhancing your spiritual life. As humans, we must take care of ourselves physically, mentally, & spiritually to get the most out of life. While not delving too much into religion, CBD & Cannabis can be used for meditation exercises, relaxation, & deep thought,

If you feel the same way we do about cannabis, then this is a blog you will want to subscribe to and participate in. We have some big goals as far as user experience is concerned, so hang with us in the early days. If you would like to join the development team, then please contact us at disciple420@yahoo.com

We will not only look for the best CBD oil deals on the internet through our massive network of affiliate sponsors, but we will also get you the latest deals on literature, marijuana stock books, and other 420 merchandise that lovers of cannabis love to use. We will also have a active social media program and contests for readers and followers to win free schwag and other cool digital items.

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