Udemy Offering “How CBD Oil Can Help Improve Your Sleep” Course

CBD & Industrial Hemp Education Is Going Mainstream

CBD & industrial hemp is one of the fastest growing industries in America right now thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill passed by Congress making industrial hemp legal to grow in the United States. Since the passage of the bill hemp products has been the hottest things in gas stations and smoke shops across the country, primarily CBD Oil from hemp. While many states are working through new legislation to make their states compatible with the federal law, industrial hemp pilot programs have been slowly popping up across the country.

With such rapid growth in the CBD oil market, legislators are working out the technicalities with what is considered, but even with the legalities not all in place, nearly every corner store has some kind of CBD oil product for sale. The one way to know your industry is really hot though is through the education programs being dedicated to the industrial hemp industry.

While traditional agriculture courses dominate the traditional college market and concentrating on farming and processing industrial hemp and CBD oil, Udemy is taking a different sort of tact with consumer education and product education for sellers of the popular product. If you’ve ever been in a head shop where it just became legal, you could be waiting in line for the sales associate to educate the customer on the benefits of CBD oil.

The course description states:

Dr. Mike Headlee mission is to empower people to get healthy and stay healthy so they can live their best possible life, and he does this by helping people solve their sleep problems.  Dr. Mike teaches cbd oil 101 and how it can benefit you by improving your sleep.   He teaches in 9 short videos all about cbd oil and at the end, he gives you resources and bonuses to enhance your sleep and further your education on cbd oil.

Udemy “How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Sleep”

I know the hassle of waiting behind a curious CBD customer has happened to me a few times, so I think Udemy may be on to something here with this first CBD oil education class. The class already has 13 students enrolled and the only prerequisite is an open mind. The course is broken up into 13 lectures and is 1:10:10 minutes long.

If you’re interested in checking out the course then please use my affiliate link as they help me keep the blog going. They also have some great entrepreneur courses on there, so it’s never a waste to look.

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