Top 10 Most Popular Stoner Hobbies

Most Popular Activities Among Cannabis Users

Contrary to popular belief and stereotypes that potheads and cannabis users are lazy, the real reality is the cannabis community is one of the most active demographic groups out there. Stoners don’t just sit around and watch weed-themed movies all day, we also get out and have a lot of fun outside the home.

Another great thing about the cannabis community is that we are a very diverse group of individuals with a passion for a diverse and wide-ranging depth of activities to enjoy in our free time. That’s why it was hard to narrow this list down to just 10 activities, but here we go.

Concerts and music venues are fun activities for stoners.

1 – Concerts/Music Venues

Whether it’s Phish. Cypress Hill, or open mic night at the local bar, expect to find a lot of stoners hanging out around music venues. We like our music and we spend both time and money on enjoying it. We also might mention music is also better when using cannabis.

Renaissance festivals are popular among stoners.

2 – Festivals/Trade Shows

While some of these correspond with musical events and make for great doubleheaders, the rise in the cannabis industry has really made cannabis themed festivals and trade shows popular. We also might ad events like Comic-Con, UFO & ET themed conferences, cryptocurrency conferences, Renaissance festivals,& film festivals are popular among stoners as well.

Camping Facilities Always Have Stoners

3 – Camping

Everyone knows stoners like to camp. Doesn’t matter if its concert tickets or just being at one with nature, you’re guaranteed to find a stoner or two at any campground or facility designed to hold campers and/or tents.

Traveling is a popular stoner activity.

4 – Traveling

It goes hand in hand with camping sometimes. Stoners love to travel to see new things whether it be the beach in the spring, or their favorite concert series in the fall. Stoners do whatever it takes to enjoy this beautiful place we call earth.

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Disc golf is a very popular sport among stoners.

5 – Disc Golf

If we were just ranking sports for stoners disc golf would definitely be at the top. Countless disc golf boards across the internet have topics and posts on cannabis use. While some may be negative, surprisingly most posts about cannabis in the disc golf community are positive.

Artwork is popular among stoners.

6 – Art/ Digital Photography

Some of us like to paint it, some of us like to photograph it, but none the less stoners like to document the beauty of our surroundings. Go to any art or digital photography course and you’re bound to find a majority of stoners attending the class.

7 – Hiking

Not many better ways to enjoy nature than taking a good hike somewhere new. Easily incorporated among a lot of the other activities we listed, you can best be sure a stoner is going to always turn a good walk into a good hike if they can.

Gardening is a very popular activity among stoners.

8 – Gardening

Let’s face it, a lot of stoners like growing their own cannabis. Gardening usually turns into a passion and it turns into a fun hobby for the stoner. We might also mention it probably has the highest return on investment of all our Top 10 Stoner Hobbies list.

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Stoners are always attending sporting events

9 – Sporting Events

Stoners aren’t immune to getting caught up in the sports scene either. A number of sports report high cannabis usage among their players, so there’s a high probability your going to find a stoner at a big sporting event too. Vape pens have definitely made sporting events more enjoyable for stoners.

10 – Community Service Work

The tree-hugging hippie is one of the stereotypes you think of when you hear the word service work. One positive stereotype stoners have gained is their passion for community service projects, especially those that improve the quality of the environment. Services – Start a Non-Profit Organization, Petition, and More

While we still like our video games and movies, stoners also like to get out of the house as well. Please tell us what other activities you enjoy as a cannabis user, and thanks for reading the post.

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