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The city of Torrington, Wyoming according to DataUSA demographics, is a town located in Goshen County, WY, with a population size of 6,759 people with a $41,959 Median Household Income. Only about half the population works, and at 18.4% Poverty Rate, it sits well above the national average of around 13%, all while property values and household incomes are slightly rising.

The thing is, Goshen County and Torrington just saw 2 major agricultural industries move out of town or close down. According to the Casper Star-Tribune reporting the Wyoming Ethanol plant closing costs about 20 jobs & the Western Sugar plant closing cost almost 200 workers their jobs, both industries heavily driving the agricultural economy in Goshen County. A really brutal hit to such a tight knit community in Goshen County.

Then came the 2018 Farm bill signed into law in late December 2018, making industrial hemp legal to grow again in the United States on a federal level. Wyoming is like many other states had to take care of their own legislation, but in shocking fashion conservative lawmakers really moved quickly on HB 171 through the Wyoming Legislature. Wyoming Governor signed it into Wyoming law on March 6, 2019.

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What makes industrial hemp unique to other parts of the farm bill is for one it’s a cannabis plant, but not of the same variety as it’s counterpart marijuana. Another thing that makes hemp unique is that it grows fast, and is very labor intensive to grow. It’s also in very high demand in the United States right now thanks to the passing of the legislation.

Mix that combination with a high demand for hemp products around the United States, and you have a budding cannabis industry in Wyoming. While lots of regulations are still needed to be taken care of at a federal level, and Wyoming must begin issuing permits and licensing for the hemp crop, this could definitely be the agricultural product needed to replace those jobs lost in Goshen County. You can find out more on the Wyoming Industrial Hemp Program on the Wyoming Department of Agriculture website.

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