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Revolution Brand – Organic CBD Oil Product Review

Revolution Organic CBD Oil Product Review

Welcome back to another Disciple 420 review of CBD products. This review is on a brand I found at my local CBD Speciality Shop in Salisbury, NC by the name of Phenomwell CBD Store. They carry a brand by the name of Revolution, a CBD oil brand out of the state of California,

While North Carolina doesn’t currently have a medicinal marijuana program, industrial hemp has been harvested and grown in North Carolina since 2017. The 2018 Farm Bill, however, made CBD oil derived from hemp plants legal federally, so everything in North Carolina is hemp-derived CBD oil.

Texture & Appearance

With that being said, if your a CBD oil newbie state like North Carolina, getting good CBD oil can be challenging. It’s always nice to come across new products, but are they really CBD oil, so it was nice to come across some real CBD oil at a local CBD shop. In sampling the product for review, the first characteristic of the CBD oil was the appearance and texture. The product had a good aroma, texture, and color to it, but we’ve been deceived before.


That’s why we do this blog though, to take the guesswork out for you. As we tasted the CBD oil, it had a hashy type taste to it, which I like, as if you’ve ever smoked the marijuana version of hash, it’s quite tasty. Taste usually gives me a good indication as to if it is going to be a strong product or not, and it certainly tasted as it would be.


We took about a 25 ml sample of the CBD oil, and held it under our tongue as long as we could. We then drank some water, and began the 15-20 minute wait. While CBD doesn’t really give me a buzz, it does give me a really relaxed feeling.

Time for Effect

Moving along 20 minutes, the CBD oil was beginning to have an effect. My muscles felt more relaxed, mind felt clearer, and the effects of the CBD were being felt. While instantaneous effects usually indicate good CBD oil, I’m sure everyone’s gotten some that’s worn off quicker than others, so had to put the length to the test for a full measure of the quality of effectiveness this Revolution Organic CBD Oil really had.

Longevity of Effect

After humming along for a few hours I could tell I still had some effects of the CBD lingering around. I would probably give the effect around 4-5 hours on 25ml, but I lost track of the exact time I took the dose, so it was about a normal span of time before needing to re-dose. I probably should have taken a little more, but I like to see if a low dose has an effect first before I increase the dosage for normal use.

Final Recomendation

Overall I would definitely recommend giving this product a shot. While I haven’t found the distributor online, I have linked the store’s website. They look to be online here soon, however they’re currently waiting on some legal guidance like some other online CBD product stores. Be sure to bookmark the site and check back.

Thanks for tuning in for another product review, and stay tuned for more CBD product reviews. Also check out our latest Disciple 420 posts for the latest in cannabis news, cannabis humor, cannabis music, CBD issues, CBD Product Reviews, and much more. Be sure to follow us on social media.


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