Pure Relief Pre-Roll CBD Flower Review


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Pure Relief Brand CBD Pre-Roll CBD Flower – Hawaiian Haze Flavor – Product Review

One of the best ways to sample & try CBD flower is in the pre-roll cone or joint. Usually, the pre-rolled CBD flower has enough product in it to get a good taste & feel for what that particular brand or strain of CBD is going to be like. Like many other brands out their, Pure Relief was no different in offering their customers a pre-roll option to sample their product with.

This Pure Relief CBD pre-roll cone that we purchased for this review, has 1 gram of CBD flower, we got the Hawaiian Haze strain, in a sealed plastic package. The package is a nice vacuumed sealed sleek black vinyl package, with graphics and an easy open tear. On the back is the typical age warning and information about the Pure Relief brand and company. Typical pre-roll packaging and nothing really catchy about the branding as you can see from the picture.

After inspecting the package, it was time to open this thing and see what it looked like. Inside was a freshness tube with a childproof lid, so I have to give the company credit for going the extra length to preserve freshness. Removing the pre-roll from the plastic sealed container revealed a typical cone-shaped type spliff. The product was rolled with a Raw brand cone paper, with a whole gram of CBD packed into it. It was rolled tight, as it didn’t spill out on the end, while I inspected it and in preparing for lighting.

It was time to get to the best part of every review, and that was the taste and effect part of the review. After taking a few drags, the product taste similar to the hemp cigarettes, with just a slightly bigger puff capacity thanks to the cone shape. The taste was okay, however it tasted like the CBD was machine-grinded, and could have had some seed particles or stem particles in the mix. We didn’t open the product to look since it was a pre-roll, but everyone knows that distinct seed taste.

As far as the effect was concerned, we got the desired effect we were looking for, even with the average taste at best. While the effect seemed to last as long as similar pre-roll products we have tried, it just didn’t last as long as the price point of the product would warrant.

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This leads us into our final category of the review, and that was the price point. At $12.99 it was cheaper than some of the other flower products that was loose leaf, but still high for some less than average CBD flower.

Overall, if your in a pinch, I guess this one can do, but if your looking for quality, I’d probably pass this one up. For us, the price point is a big factor, and for the price of this product, the quality just didn’t live up to the taste. Presentation and quality control were good, but the flower itself just wasn’t that great, and the effect was average.

Hopefully, they’ll get their plants to cultivate better in the future and we can come back and update the review. We also aren’t the know all on CBD products, so give it a try and submit your own review if you like. Either way, we hope this has been informative. Thanks for reading Disciple 420 and be sure to check out our latest posts & follow us on social media.


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