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Pre-rolled joints, spliffs, and cigars filled with CBD and a mixture of other herbal ingredients are quickly gaining in popularity across the country. One brand quickly popping up in stores across North Carolina is a pre-roll CBD brand called Hemp Stix by Pure Gold CBD.

For this CBD product review, we bought our Hemp Stix product from a local head shop by the name of High Life Smoke Shop in Charlotte, NC. While online offerings have more variety and are a little bit cheaper, the convenience of the head shop having them in stock is well worth the extra dollar or two you might spend locally. Online prices are generally MSRP, keeping head shops competitive in pricing on most products.

Pricing & CBD Content

Price is one of the first things we look for when selecting any CBD pre-roll product for a review compared to the actual amount of CBD included in the product. Most pre-rolls have some kind of filler product, so it’s good to know exactly how much CBD is actually in the product. Hemp Stix does have some herbal additives but compared to some of the other CBD pre-roll products that we have reviewed, Hemp Stix has by far more CBD than the others.

While the Original Hemp Stix which we purchased for this CBD product review has 750mg per pack of CBD cigarettes or 7.5 grams per package, other flavors like the Bold Flavor have 1000mg per 10 pre-roll pack of Hemp Stix CBD cigarettes. The bold flavor does cost a $1 or $2 more but either way, the quantity of CBD for the price is still a good deal at the $25-$30 range.

So we have to give the Hemp Stix brand Original flavor pre-rolled CBD product an A on our Pricing and Marketing category of the review. The product was priced perfectly for the market, and the packaging was clearly marked with the CBD content amount, which was higher than other comparables in the store.

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Branding and Presentation

Once we have decided on a price and a CBD content amount, generally there are a few other options in the head shop, and hundreds of other options online. While we like the products clearly marked with CBD content, determining what’s going to be a good quality CBD product is hard to do. That’s why we at Disciple 420 always go by the rule of thumb of if they took the time to perfect their branding and presentation, then there’s a high probability they spent the money into producing a good product.

In opening the packaging and removing the freshness seals, the quality of the filters and paper was the first thing we noticed. Next was the actual CBD smell coming from the box. Some other CBD pre-roll products we have tried have had so much filler that you couldn’t even smell the CBD. It was clearly evident in the smell that Hemp Stix is packed with CBD and not a lot of filler.

Hemp Stix is beautifully packaged and sealed for freshness. The colors, logo, and branding are all neatly placed, yet discreet enough not to draw attention if you left them laying on your desk at work. Here is an image of what the Hemp Stix 10-pack Original product looks like brand new.

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While branding & presentation may not always be a good indicator of a quality product, a lot of times it is, however branding and presentation are often the determining factors in picking one product over another similarily priced CBD product. Hemp Stix by Pure Gold definitely put the time and effort into branding and presenting a good product, so we give them an A for branding and presentation.

Effect & Taste

Now that we have committed to the Hemp Stix by Pure Gold brand for our CBD source, it was time to see if all the debating and researching was worth the effort. After all, what good is any of the factors above if the CBD product has little to no effect?

The good news for us is that the Hemp Stix pre-roll CBD product by Pure Gold was right on point with the effect as well. It was evident about halfway through the CBD cigarette that the branding was correct, and the product was loaded with CBD.

While we like the harsher taste of the CBD, some CBD users prefer a more smooth taste. Hemp Stix has found a way to combine both a smooth taste with a lot of CBD. Quality papers and filters help, but this is genuinely a smooth hitting CBD spliff.

Hemp Stix has to be one of the best pre-roll CBD products that we have tried, so we definitely had to give them an A on Effect and Taste. Not too harsh with a strong enough effect to be felt for an hour or two after intake.

Overall Rating

Having tried a few other CBD pre-roll products prior to this review, we definitely have to give Hemp Stix brand CBD pre-rolls a great review. They are by far the best CBD pre-roll product we have tried so far for all the categories that we are rating CBD products on.

This is a highly recommended CBD product if pre-rolls are your CBD product of choice. The great thing about the Hemp Stix brand of CBD cigarettes or prerolls is that they come in a 10-pack. This not only adds value financially but also allows for fewer trips to the head shop, or trips to the mailbox if you order your CBD online.

Having A’s in all our other categories, it’s probably no surprise that we are giving an A to Hemp Stix on our CBD preroll review of their product. It is absolutely a great CBD cigarette or preroll product, and we are highly recommending giving this CBD product a try.

Video Review

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