Oklahoma City CannaCon To Be Biggest Cannabis Event Ever

OKC CannaCon Will Be State’s Biggest Ever Cannabis Trade Show & Conference Event

CannaCon is coming to Oklahoma City again, and this year’s event is to be the state’s biggest every cannabis industry event ever. Oklahoma’s state medicinal marijuana program became legal July 26, 2018, when SQ788 became state law, & the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority began accepting applications.

Then on December 18, 2018, the 115th United States Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, aka 2018 Farm Bill, making hemp cultivation & CBD legal federally, ever since, the cannabis industry in Oklahoma is one of the hottest markets & fasting growing cannabis industries in the country.

The cannabis industry is so hot in Oklahoma right now that CannaCon, one of the world’s leading cannabis conferences & networking opportunities, choose Oklahoma City as one of it’s 4 exclusive locations this year. The others are in Detroit MI, Springfield MA, & Seattle WA. Oklahoma City is a perfect central location for the event, so it looks to be one of the larger of the 4 CannaCon events.

CannaCon Event Highlights

With 183 exhibitors looking for the cannabis industry’s business, it will definitely be one of the biggest networking events for the cannabis industry in the country. Everything from farming suppliers, to builders, to distributors are all looking for partners in the cannabis industry, so there’s no reason to miss this event.

In addition to 183 exhibitors, CannaCon will have 21 seminars & speakers, presenting on everything from the business side of cannabis business, to the farming & cultivating side of the cannabis business. They got something for everyone involved in the cannabis industry and it sure looks to be a major event for cannabis industry professionals.

We can’t wait to see what the CannaCon Conference has in store for Oklahoma City, OK, but it will definitely have a huge positive economic impact for the city of OKC & the state of Oklahoma as a whole. To register for the event, please see the CannaCon official registration page for the Oklahoma City event.

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