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Ohio Bill That Would Allow Selling of CBD Products in Ohio Expected to Pass Ohio Senate

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Ohio Senate Bill 57 Aimed Setting Up Regulations for Hemp Cultivation & Processing, Including CBD.

According to Cincinatti.com and lawmakers in Ohio, Ohio Senate Bill 57 is the result of complaints on the crackdown of CBD sales in the state of Ohio. While the 2018 Farm Bill enacted by the United States Congress made hemp legal federally, some states like Ohio have conflicting state laws with the new federal law. Like many other states this week, Ohio legislatures are taking up the issue and looking to set clarifications and ways they are going to comply with the changes in federal law.

Under Senate Bill 57, Ohio legislatures are trying to make the selling & purchasing of CBD Hemp Law legal within 90 days of the signing of the bill by the governor, and then give them the time of a few more months to set up the guidelines for growers and producers. The reason for the urgency in getting the CBD Hemp Oil products legal first is because of complaints by retailers in the state of Ohio who have pulled the products at the request of state regulators. It would also distinguish the difference between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived plants, and what falls into the medicinal marijuana program also going on in the state of Ohio at this time.

Some provisions are in the bill for farmers including 3-year licenses from the Ohio Department of Agriculture to grow hemp products in the state of Ohio. We could find no information on the Department of Agriculture website, but we will keep you informed if things change. Universities in the state of Ohio would be able to grow & process CBD, as long as it is derived from hemp-based plants, without a license.

While the bill does address some packaging & testing concerns, but only in relation to the THC content found in the product. This is one of the major concerns of opponents is that the bill doesn’t go far enough in educating the public about CBD risks, quality control at processing plants, labeling concerns to name a few.

A lot of work still has to be done by Ohio legislatures to get in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill but this seems to be a step in the right direction. Ohio is just one of many states in this position, so stay tuned to our blog for more news on laws affecting CBD & industrial hemp products.


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