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New Cannabis Industry Professional Network Launches Out of Colorado

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Cannektme, A Cannabis Industry Professional Networking Company Out of Denver, CO Launches

Just as cannabis products are gaining popularity with consumers and retailers, and more states are embracing the new changes to the 2018 Farm Bill making at least the hemp plant legal in all 50 states, the cannabis industry is also making waves in the social networking world as well. is reporting that a new social network of cannabis industry professionals by the name of Cannektme is launching out of Denver, CO.

According to their company website they are a private social networking company dedicated to professional networking for the Cannabis community. They advertise on their page that they offer the following benefits for signing up for their free private service.

  • Online Community of Cannabis Industry Professionals.
  • Cannabis Industry Job Board.
  • A Professional Cannabis Industry Directory of Professionals and Cannabis Events.
  • News About A Variety of Related Cannabis Industry Topics.

Looking to fill in where the larger social networks have shied away from promoting cannabis industry initiatives and issues, Cannektme is looking to offer a space specifically for it. Facebook, Google, and other companies operate nearly everywhere, with cannabis bans still in many places, especially marijuana. They also allow users under the age of 18 and 21 to register, under the ages of consent in states where all forms of cannabis are legal. This makes it more difficult to be in compliance with federal and state laws, leaving a market opening for Cannektime. The owners aren’t looking to be in the technology space as much as they are in the social networking space.

In visiting the website, we noticed it has a nice design, and easy to navigate between features. The website also offers a free account that comes with a profile with some standard options for entering bio information, a profile picture, & some other general information. You can also look for job postings, list a job, find events, and browse the member directory.

Judging from the number of job postings at the time of this report, the website is very new, so we aren’t sure how well it will reach audiences yet. Either way, we like to see more offerings in the cannabis industry space, so we would recommend giving it a try. Focusing on reaching real professionals in the cannabis space is lacking, so best of luck to Cannektme and their staff.

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