NC Lawmakers File Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana

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House Bill 766 Would Revise NC Marijuana Laws

The North Carolina General Assembly had big news for advocates this week, with 4 State House leaders introducing a new bill aimed at revising North Carolina’s marijuana laws. House Bill 766 is looking to change state law so that anyone that has 4 ounces or less of marijuana, would not face penalties or charges for possession of a controlled substance. The bill would also bump up misdemeanor level marijuana crimes up to felony level crimes.

The primary sponsors of HB 766 were state representatives John Autry, Allison Dahle, Pricey Harrison, and Zack Hawkins. Also sponsoring the bill were state representatives John Ager, Kelly Alexander Jr., Cecil Brockman, Carla Cunningham, Susan Fisher, Rosa Gill, Verla Insko, Nasif Majeed, Graig R. Meyer,

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The bill has passed its first reading and will be heading to Committee On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

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