List of States Where CBD Hemp Products Are Legal

While hemp is technically legal in all 50 states thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill, the use of CBD oil and other cannabis-derived products have lead to the restriction of hemp programs in 17 states. Here is a list of those 17 states and links to there corresponding legislation regarding CBD Hemp Products and their legality via their state’s hemp pilot program laws.

List of States With CBD Hemp Restrictions & Industrial Hemp Pilot Programs

As you can see most of these states have pilot programs for their industrial hemp programs, and many have bans against the sell of CBD oil, and some have court challenges to these laws. We hope this list help you find the information your looking for as far as CBD Hemp Product laws are in your state, and refer to your state’s cannabis laws if you’re in a legalized medicinal marijuana state. We will continue to make this list more comprehensive, but please check with your local statutes before purchasing, selling, distributing, and/or growing hemp in your state. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not highly regulated. Stay tune to this blog post for updates.


  •– The official source of the government guidelines regarding industrial hemp.
  • – A great resource for keeping up to date on CBD laws in all the states. Used to help compile the list of states.
  • Wikipedia – Used for Iowa because of lack of comprehensive resources on the governmental page.
  • – Another resource for Iowa followers since we couldn’t find a pilot program page for your state.
  • Kentuck Hempsters – Couldn’t find a link to a comprehensive resource on Kentucky law as challenges are being made to the current law.

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