Hemp Bombs Complete Relaxation – Hemp CBD Gummy Product Review

So I’ve recently found a new place for some good CBD products here in Salisbury, NC at Village Grocery on Hwy. 601. I pass by this store for work on a regular basis and notice they are a popular spot for people buying CBD products. They also sell fishing worms, which is another topic, but something I like to do when I’ve been medicating on some good CBD products. While their prices are still high, convenience is the big key for me when purchasing from these kinds of store whether it be drinks or CBD product, they have a great selection of products and still priced better than a lot of the local competitors.

While Village Grocery did carry a variety of other Hemp Bombs products, my wife wanted to try the gummy bears because she doesn’t like to smoke on the CBD Hemp Flower that much, even though my last review of Franny’s Farmacy out of Asheville, NC was a fun review, Hemp Bombs Gummy bears was female inspired. It’s also a great option for the times you can’t smoke, and I’m still not trying to explain to the game warden why that CBD flower looks the same as the real deal.

I must say the packaging on the product is very informative and has a lot of information neatly organized into a small space. I have to give an A+ for branding of the product, as it saved me a lot of questions with my wife who is not a regular cannabis user, but suffers from some chronic pain symptoms not worth getting on and expensive prescription medication regimen and costly doctor visits & lab testing. Here is a photo of the back of the product packaging with some of the product information and uses for the product.


As you can see from the photo about the suggested dosage is 1-2 gummies daily or at night. While my wife is the perfect subject for this, as she has never used an edible product for CBD pain relief and relaxation, so we were able to get a good idea as if the regular dosage worked or not for the average user. For those of you who use cannabis regularly with CBD products will know you need a little higher dosage to get the desired effect with CBD, so thank the wife for being a test subject in this product review.

She ingested the first dose with 1 gummy bear, chewing thoroughly before swallowing as directed by the packaging. After waiting 20-30 minutes to get results from the wife, she was feeling relaxed but not quite the desired effect that she was expecting. I must give a word of caution in that her only comparison in to what the desired effect is from smoking some highly potent CBD flower product, so I had my doubts as if 1 gummy would suffice.

My assumption was correct as she came and wanted to take a 2nd gummy bear after about 30 minutes of taking the first one. Now that we had a time interval, we would be at the 1 hour interval for a maximum daily dosage. AS most CBD users who ingest orally know, it takes a little longer for edibles to have the desired effects, so I was expecting to see some sort of buzz by the one hour mark or would have to call the CBD Hemp gummies a waste of time and money.

Come the one hour mark the results were in, the wife was completely relaxed in bed, with munchies in hand, very satisfied with trying the experiment with CBD edibles in the gummy worm form. So for anyone new to CBD products and/or Cannabis products for pain relief and relaxation, I would definitely give this product an A in the category of edible CBD Hemp products. It produced a surprisingly stronger effect than some of the first CBD hemp gummies that hit the market in NC after the legalization of hemp in the United States.

For for our final thoughts on the Hemp Bombs CBD Gummy Total Relaxation product we are going to definitely recommend it to our users. They also have a great website and an affiliate program as well. While we didn’t get signed up and approved in time for our product review post, they do offer one, and we will be trying to get accepted into it so some of our links may change for future readers. We also suggest you to sign up for any affiliate programs we are doing and start blogging on our blog as well. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more blog post from Disciple 420.

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