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Hemp 4 Victory – 16% Lifter Strain – CBD Flower Review

It’s time for another CBD flower review on Disciple 420, and this CBD flower review is on the brand Hemp 4 Victory. Hemp 4 Victory is a CBD flower product produced in Asheville, NC, and I found it in a local head shop in the Charlotte area by the name of Infinity’s End.

Hemp 4 Victory Packaging

As you can see from the packaging there’s not much to the branding other than a sticker on a nice resealable baggie. With a clear view on the opposite side, as a consumer, you can examine the CBD flower, without opening the product. Altogether though, we think the packaging and branding could use a little work, but the packaging really isn’t a big deal after you’ve made the purchase.

As you can see from the packaging and price tag in the above photo, that this was an economically motivated purchase at the price of $24.99 for 3.5 grams. At that price, this makes this one of the more affordable CBD flower options for CBD users in the North Carolina area that we have found. We have to give this product a good review on price point, as it was definitely better priced than some of the other options Infinity’s End had.

While price and branding can make a difference in buying CBD products, it really all boils down to what the product inside is like. So after opening the package, and giving the buds the classic smell and feel test, it seems as if the product is priced to sell. In smelling and feeling the buds, the buds were somewhat sticky, and had a decent smell. We’ve felt stickier, and smelled stronger, but we have to give the product a average rating on smell and feel.

Hemp 4 Victory CBD Flower

After doing the usual ritual of admiring, smelling, and feeling the CBD flower buds, it was time to get down to the best part of reviewing CBD flower products, smoking it. In taking the first hit, the flower tasted pretty good, however unlike some other brands we have tried the good taste didn’t last more than one or two puffs. So we have to give the Hemp 4 Victory CBD flower product an average rating on taste as well.

With taste being a little more important than looks & branding, sometimes it’s a good indicator of what the effect is going to be like as well. In this case, it was true. While we did get an effect from the CBD flower by Hemp 4 Victory, it didn’t last as long and wasn’t as intense as some of the other CBD products we have tried. Again, we have to give this product an average rating on effect as well.

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All in all, if you’re hard up for cash or don’t like an intense effect from your CBD product, then we would say give this CBD flower product a try. If you’re like us though and want a stronger taste and stronger effect, we’d probably skip over this CBD flower product for something else. While it has an awesome value, we at Disciple 420 believe it’s worth a couple of extra bucks for a higher quality product, but to each his or her own.

We hope this review will be helpful in your CBD flower purchases and would like to thank you for reading the blog. Be sure to check out our other Disciple 420 posts for more CBD news and reviews regarding the CBD and cannabis industries.


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