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Green Roads 50 MG CBD Froggie Review

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CBD Gummy Review of Green Roads 50 MG CBD Froggie

Welcome back to Disciple 420 and to our CBD Review portion of the blog. This blog post is going to be a review of the Green Roads brand of a 50mg CBD Froggie gummy product. Here is what the product looks like when it comes off the shelf.

Green Roads 50mg CBD Froggie

As you can see from the photo, Green Roads has allowed the consumer to visually see the gummy product prior to opening. To fit 50 mg of CBD in it, the Green Roads CBD Froggie is pretty large, and you can definitely see why they call it a double dose.

Price is OK Online Price Comparison & Overall, Good Head Shop Price Point

Priced at $8.99 at the local head shop The High Life in Concord, NC, it was a bad price for the content of CBD in the gummy, for the on demand convenience of the local head shop. The back of the packaging as seen below was pretty standard, with some age warnings and information about the ingredients in the product.

Back of Green Roads 50 MG CBD Froggie Gummy

After closely inspecting the packaging and product ingredients, it was now time to get down to the taste and quality of the product. With the average recommended CBD dosage being around 25mg for an individual with chronic pain, taking the double dose was definitely a product review I wanted to wait until nighttime to do. With other gummy products that I’ve tried, they were much smaller in size, and dosage was a little easier to measure.

Here is a photo of the Green Roads CBD Froggie Gummy out of the packaging, so you can see the size of the Green Roads CBD Ffroggie.

Green Roads CBD Froggie Out of Package
Good Tasting CBD Gummy Product

After visual inspection of the CBD Froggie, it was now time for what everyone has been waiting for. How does the CBD Froggie taste, and how well does it work?

As with most other gummy products I’ve reviewed, whether they contain CBD or not, the product itself was very tasty. I must confess though that I’ve never had a bad tasting CBD gummy product yet, but I definitely got more of the sweet & chewy goodness out of the CBD Froggie gummy, due to the size and amount of surface area to chew on.

Good Quality CBD Gummy

Now we knew it tasted good, but did it work? One would hope so with a 50 mg dose of CBD, but looking back I probably should have halved the dose. Either way, we were well on our way to seeing how a 50 mg dose at once would be.

Since I didn’t half the CBD Froggie, I definitely began to feel the effects of the CBD a lot sooner than I did off of smaller doses. I took the dose around 7:00 PM at night and I wish I would have taken half or taken it a lot sooner, as by 9:00 PM I had such a relaxed feeling from the CBD, that it was time to call it a night and go to bed.

So for as far as quality, I have to give the product a good review on quality. While I’m the kind of CBD user to usually wait until the afternoon or evening to dose, I could definitely see this being a good product for those who like to dose in the morning. The Green Roads CBD Froggie gave me a nice relaxed feeling for 2-3 hours before I finally called it a night and went to bed, however I believe it would have lasted longer had I dosed a little earlier before my bed time.

Diamond CBD

The one major drawback to this product and the size of the product, and the price point. At $8-$9/dose it could get expensive, so I’d recommend taking only half or a quarter of the gummy if your looking to conserve. I have to give the product an A overall, with the price for a single gummy being the biggest drawback. I would definitely recommend this product for a try, probably for a weekend or a day off work would be the best.

That’s all for this review of the Green Roads brand 50 MG Froggie CBD Gummy Product review. We hope that it’s been helpful and stay tuned to our blog for more CBD product reviews and information on CBD. Be sure to check out our latest posts.


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