Georgia Senate Passes HB 324, Allowing Cannabis Patients to Legally Obtain Cannabis Oil

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Georgia Senate Approves Changes to HB 324, Bill Heads Back to The Georgia House of Representatives

On Friday March 29, 2019 the Georgia Senate made & approved changes to HB 324, a bill aimed at making cannabis oil legally obtainable by medicinal marijuana patients in the state of Georgia. The bill aims to create & establish a regulated system for growing, processing, and distributing cannabis oil in the state of Georgia. As of now, Georgia Cannabis regulations do not allow for medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or sales.

Another problem for medicinal marijuana users in the state of Georgia is that Georgia’s medical marijuana program only permits the use of cannabis oil with no more than 5 percent THC. Patients also must have 1 of just 16 serious medical conditions that qualify a patient in Georgia for the medicinal medical marijuana program.

After major changes to the House bill that was approved earlier in March, the Senate voted 44-8 to pass the bill back to the Georgia House of Representatives for approval. Some of the major changes and differences between the Senate and House bill are as followed:

  • Senate approves 2 licenses versus the House’s 10 different licenses required to cultivate cannabis in the state of Georgia.
  • Senate reduces number of medicinal cannabis dispensaries to 10, down from 60 in the House version of the bill.
  • Senate bill allows for just 2 universities to create cannabis research and manufacturing programs related to cannabis.
  • Senate bill creates a commission to regulate cannabis oil being sourced from out of state vendors.

While approval of the bill is a step in the right direction for patients using cannabis oil products, the bill still has to go back to the House for approval. Some members in the House see major problems with the Senate bill, so the bill could face delays that could kill the bill, as the bill must pass in both chambers before the end of the legislative session this Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

Stay tuned to Disciple 420 for the latest news on this cannabis issue in Georgia, and other CBD, hemp, and cannabis issues around the country. See our latest post for more cannabis news, and thanks for reading.


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