Earn Money Watching Games Online

The Perfect Passive Income Gig For Stoners Who Like To Game

If you’re anything like us at Disciple 420, you’ll always take a chance at earning some free stuff, especially if it has to do with gaming. Well here is your chance with Sliver.TV, where they pay you to watch gamers game on their platform.

Sliver.TV is a blockchain technology project that uses a cryptocurrency token called TFuel and one of the cool things about blockchain technology projects using cryptocurrency is they come up with some pretty cool ways to distribute coins for free.

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While users & gamers can buy TFuel, they can also earn it for free by watching other gamers game. Users of the site can also earn Tfuel through donations from other Sliver.TV users.

Either way, it’s a pretty cool way to incentivize potential customers to check out their platform. Add the security of blockchain technology and you have a pretty good cryptocurrency project in the making.

Theta Fuel (TFuel) Chart
Coinmarketcap Chart of Theta Fuel or TFuel

You can also win stuff with coins, including more Tfuel cryptocurrency. To find out more about Sliver.TV & Tfuel use our referral link and sign up for a free account and start earning TFuel today.

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