Disciple 420 Top 10 Crypto Projects for 2021

Disciple 420 Top 10 Crypto Projects For 2021

With a record year for Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies in 2020, it was a tough task for us to narrow our list down to just ten crypto projects. While some projects always make the Top 10 list for very obvious reasons, they are always some new comers to the crypto space every year, that end up shuffling around the order of everyone’s Top 10 list.

Remember, these are just the opinion of the Disciple 420 staff, and not meant to be taken as financial advice. With that being said, we are web developers, and we must note that some of these projects may be more beneficial to developers than investors, so be sure to do your own research prior to investing in any cryptocurrency.

So without further a do, here is our Top 10 list of crypto projects for 2021.

While it’s a no brainer to most, the biggest project of 2021 will be Bitcoin again. Some may consider it old and out of date, however, it continues to dominate daily trading on crypto markets.

Bitcoin also has the most liquidity versus fiat currencies, with mobile applications like Cash App making it easy to move from Cash to Bitcoin and back to cash relatively quickly.

Another no brainer to most for a Top 10 list, however, Ethereum is not only looking to increase in value, many of the larger crypto projects are built on the Ethereum network, making Ethereum a very important project to watch.

Ethereum is also very liquid-like Bitcoin, making it easy for noobies and investors to liquidate Ether into Bitcoin or Cash via more centralized crypto trading platforms like Coinbase.

We have Polkadot high on our crypto project list given the popularity of it among crypto and blockchain developers. 

Not only does Polkadot offer cross-chain solutions for tokens, but it also makes cross-chain transactions for other digital assets possible, and allows user to be able to create & manage their own blockchain among many other technologies available. Look for big projects coming from Polkadot technologies in 2021.

Uniswap is the most used DEX in the crypto space right now for Ethereum tokens, with many other projects using pricing quotes or the API to trade Ethereum tokens.

A governance token by nature, however, centralized platforms like Coinbase Pro offer it for trading and purchase with fiat currency, making it an interesting project to watch for 2021.

Compound makes the list for us as it seems to be the most popular DeFi project in the crypto space right now, and DeFi in general will be on sector of the crypto space to watch in 2021 as well.

While a governance token for the Compound platform, and supplying it on the Compound platform can pay some pretty good interest. Users can also borrow against their collateral on the Compound platform, giving it a financial product to produce the high interest yields currently being seen in 2020.

Another project in the crypto space that is focusing on new technologies for crypto developers, The Graph is a personal favorite of Disciple 420, as it is based on GraphQL, a modern database query language that is also one of the popular projects in software development in general.

Aimed at connecting API’s of various popular crypto projects to your project, The Graph will become a popular crypto project in 2021 at least among developers simply because of the ever-growing reliance on API calls for modern front-end web development strategies.

What is a Top 10 list without Binance on it? The hardest problem was choosing which Binance project to put on the list, as it has been a leader in the crypto space since it’s inception, so look for big things out of Binance this year

With both centralized & decentralized platforms, Binance will continue to dominate in 2021, and it seems like the BNB token will continue to dominate, given the need for BNB token to use many of the great Binance technologies being developed for cryptocurrency & blockchain technology.

A robust DeFi platform that has a lot of financial services & products for cryptocurrency inventors and developers. 

Using other cryptocurrency assets, platforms, & services, yearn.finance has created what will be one of the most popular DeFi projects of 2021. Look for big things out of YFI this year, as there are more solutions for crypto investors & lenders than we can fit in a short summary. 

The Theta Network concentrates on video delivery and the network is powered by users and the Theta blockchain. Given the popularity of the Theta Network about crypto developers, we see it as being one of the most talked-about crypto projects of 2021.

There have been many projects launched on the Theta Network, with Sliver.TV being probably the most popular, now being called Theta TV. The network is popular among both streamers and gamers, with a variety of content being created daily. 

Rounding out the Top 10 on our list is Cardano. While it seems to always be a contender, look for a breakout year from Cardano in 2021. 

Cardano is a smart-contract platform that allows developers to develop life-changing technologies in a well-managed ecosystem. They claim to be the best blockchain platform for large-scale projects, so we will look to see if they produce on this mission in 2021.

While 2020 turned out to be a great year for crypto investors, it’s best to remember that this is still a fairly new space for monetary investments, and financial returned from advancements in technologies don’t always result in a profit, so invest at your own risk.

With that being said, Disciple 420 has a bright outlook for the crypto space in 2021 and beyond. While there are a number of other crypto projects out there that could have made our Top 10 list, we tried to focus on crypto projects that are going to be the most impactful to both web developers & crypto investors. After all, technologies that don’t have real-world applications, so we think the ones being used first in the web development industry, will be the first to capitalize from blockchain development inside the cryptocurrency space.

Thanks for taking time to read our blog post for the new year of 2021, and be sure to comment some other great projects that you like in the comment section below. 


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