Disciple 420 Launches New YouTube Series

The 8:40 Double Up Smoke Sesh with Caleb Stoner Promo via YouTube

New YouTube Series “The 8:40 Double Up Smoke Sesh” Coming to Disciple 420 Channel

The Disciple 420 Media Network is off to a great start thanks to all the cannabis lovers out there following us on social media. Since we’ve had such great support we will be launching a new YouTube series & podcast featuring Caleb Stoner and friends called the *The 8:40 Double Up Smoke Sesh”.

The show will be a cannabis-themed talk show which will feature a variety of topics that trend inside the cannabis community. We will talk everything from cannabis in current events, cannabis industry news, current legislation being debated in legislatures around the country, sports, outdoor life, and other popular activities where you can usually find a Stoner hanging out.

Our Approach

Our comedic and relaxed approach to current events and topics popular in the cannabis community should be easy for viewers and listeners to follow along. Relaxing is what cannabis is supposed to help us with, so we try to translate the medicated state cannabis helps users achieve into a broadcast that a large portion of cannabis community members can relate too.

To make things even more interesting, Caleb will invite some of his friends from around the country to join him on the podcast, including other pod-casters who actively support the cannabis community. In addition to having guests on for analysis and commentary of current events in the cannabis community, we also look to add some interviews with influencers & professionals inside the cannabis industry.

Times for the Show

Given the title the show will start at either 8:30 PM Eastern Time, or at 8:30 in any of the given time zones. Stay tuned to find out which United States time zone we will be celebrating 8:40 in through our social media pages. All shows will be broadcast live on YouTube, in addition to Twitter and Instagram if the technology we have at the time will support it. We are still working to get the podcast up yet, but once we have we will load all the YouTube shows on there.

We will also have a smoke session on air at 8:40 PM to start the show, and we hope you participate with us. The show is called the 8:40 Double Up because if you’re like this stoner, you like to double up on 4:20 at about 8:40, which is 420 doubled. In this day and age of fast-paced media & 24-hour news cycles, everyone needs to be in a relaxed and medicated state to deal with the news. Our goal is to help you put a positive spin on things going on in current events.

So be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and follow us on social media for times and dates for the show. We will broadcast live but the show will be loaded on YouTube and other social media shortly after air time. Thanks again for all the support so far, and we will see you at the 8:40 Double Up Smoke Sesh.

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