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Product Introduction

As the CBD market became legal to all 50 states, so came a new and wide variety of CBD products for those of us in states less friendly to full cannabis legalization. One of these CBD products that are new to us in the North Carolina area was CBD Coffee.

We came across this CBD product when hunting for CBD Oil to review in Simple Foods of Salisbury, NC and decided to give it a try and add it to our growing list of CBD product reviews. So in this CBD product review, we will be reviewing the Colorado Hemp Honey Brand of Hemp Infused Coffee, Embajada Roast blend.

Colorado Hemp Honey Brand CBD Coffee Packaging
Marketing and Branding Review

As you can see from the images, at 2 oz., this was a very small amount of coffee but yet the perfect test size for product reviewers like ourselves. Given that we’ve had some pretty bitter CBD oil before, and we didn’t know the roasting process to get CBD into a coffee bean, it was a good size to get us sold on trying the CBD product.

With that being said, we will start the review with the marketing and branding of the product. While we liked the simple branding, and loads of information included on the packaging, we thought the price point of $14.99 was a little high for the small amount of both coffee and CBD included in the product.

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While we liked the branding & test quantity sizing, we see some room for improvement in the price point portion of the marketing review. With such a high price point we will have to give the Colorado Hemp Honey brand a B grade on branding & marketing of the product. Wholesale pricing is available on the website, however, the MSRP is still the same.

Smell and Texture Review.

Putting the high price behind us, we were excited to try a new CBD product. Being coffee lovers as well, this had us extra excited to try this CBD product. Just like CBD and cannabis, smell and texture is a key component in finding good coffee beans. While there are different metrics for beans versus buds, good coffee also has a distinct smell and noticeable texture as a sign of good coffee beans.

One of the great things about this CBD coffee product was that it was still in the bean from inside the packaging, Like with fresh buds of cannabis flowers, fresh beans ground down to make for a much better tasting end product when it comes to coffee.

The packaging also recommended using a french press, which would probably be comparable to the dab rig in consuming concentrates. It takes a little more work but delivers a much higher grade product and a lot better for tasting flavor.

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In opening the product we could tell that the beans had a nice texture and smell to them. After grinding the beans the good aroma was definitely a distinct sign of some good coffee. We have to give the Colorado Hemp Honey brand an A on the smell and texture of the coffee, prior to brewing the coffee inside the press.

Taste Review

As the smell of brewing coffee filled the room as we steeped the coffee in the press, it was a much anticipated wait for the coffee making process to complete. The aroma was definitely working on the taste buds prior to completion, which is also usually a good indicator of a good coffee bean.

Now the brewing was complete it was time to put the product to the taste test. Since our initial assumption of CBD coffee was that it could be bitter due to CBD Oil, so we wanted to test it black in order to make the determination on if there was a presence of CBD taste to the product. As seen below is a cup of fresh brewed CBD Coffee.

Much to our surprise, there was no bitter taste of CBD oil at all, and the coffee was rather smooth and tasty as well. While it was not at the level of Starbucks coffee as far as taste is concerned, we do have to give this product a grade of A- for taste, as it was definitely a great tasting coffee for sure. The absence of CBD taste though left us wondering if there was going to be a good effect to the bean as well.

CBD Coffee Effect Review

We were hoping this coffee was going to have a much stronger effect than a Dunkin Donuts or a Starbucks brand coffee. Seeing as you have to be 21 to purchase it, and it contains 28mg of CBD. It was now time to decide if the price was worth the effect produced by the CBD coffee product.

One thing we might note is that it was a much more desirable way to relax and ingest CBD. while waiting on the effect to take place. The CBD coffee tasted great, but like with other CBD products, the effect took about 15 minutes to really be noticeable. About halfway through our second cup of CBD coffee, we could definitely feel the effects of the CBD.

We got about 4 cups of coffee out of half of the 2 oz. bag, but the effect was very present at the end of the 2 cups of coffee that we each drank for this CBD product review. With CBD coffee being a first for the Disciple 420 crew to do, we were definitely very pleased with the effects produced by it. We have to give the Colorado Hemp Honey brand an A on effect.

Overall Recommendation

Overall we have to recommend to our readers to give this CBD product a try. While the price of the product was high, we still would recommend the splurge on this CBD product, especially if you’re a coffee lover.

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If you don’t like coffee, then this is an obvious pass, but if you do like trying new coffee’s and new CBD products, then this is definitely the perfect mix. The Colorado Hemp Honey brand has a larger size of the hemp infused coffee beans on their website, and also a store locator where you might be lucky enough to find it locally as we did.

Overall, we have to give this CBD coffee product produced by the Colorado Hemp Honey brand, an A- overall grade. The minus comes from the high price point, but hopefully, as CBD gains more popularity and demand increases, the price of this product will come down. The taste and effect, however, are good enough to overcome the price tag for a special treat on weekend nights.

We hope you enjoyed this CBD product review, and be sure to check out our other latest posts on Disciple 420 below. Sign up to receive alerts to new product reviews and cannabis news articles, and follow us on social media for website announcements as well. Thank you for reading, and we hope this information helps.


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