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CBDfx 20mg CBD Chill Shot – Lemonade Flavor Review

CBD Drink Product Review of CBDfx Chill Shot

As CBD products become more mainstream across the country, more and more product options are becoming available as well. Readers in states where cannabis products have been legal prior to 2019 have probably already got to experience this great variety of cannabis products, but for the rest of us, it’s a wonderful & new experience.

One of these new cannabis products that we recently discovered was a CBD drink product by CBDfx, called the CBD chill shot. We found this CBD drink product at the University High Life Smoke Shop in Charlotte, NC where they had this product for sale next to a few other CBD products. Since we hadn’t done a CBD drink product review yet for the Disciple 420 blog, we decided to give this CBD chill shot a try.

In addition to being a new CBD product for us to review, the price point for the product was also a huge selling point. At $6.99 it was priced right in line with some of the energy shots you see in gas stations, so it was definitely worth a try. We might also add that the packaging & branding was also an eye-catcher, so we have to give CBDfx an A on marketing and price.

Since smell and appearance don’t really factor in much into a drink product, we must note that the shot smelled and looked just like lemonade. Obviously, we wouldn’t have tried it if it smelled like ass, but the smell of a drink can factor into how the drink taste.

Moving along, it was time to get down to tasting the product, and testing the effect of the product. With the product being labeled a CBD chill shot, we decided to shoot it like a shot is supposed to be taken. In doing so, we may have missed out on some of the flavors, but nonetheless the CBD chill shot tasted exactly like a shot of lemonade. With that being said, we have to give the product another A on taste.

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Like with any CBD product that you ingest orally, it takes a little time for the CBD to take effect. After waiting for the normal 15-20 minutes, the effect finally kicked in. With the shot only containing 20mg of CBD, we weren’t expecting to an intense effect, however, it did have a decent effect. We think a little more CBD could make the product a tad better, so we have to give the product a B for effect.

Overall though, we have to say we recommend this CBD drink product. A little pricey for us for everyday use, it’s definitely a good product for the weekends. It’s also a nice change of pace from the smokeable and edible CBD products we generally review, so look for it next time you’re at your local CBD supply source.

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