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CBD Speciality Store Review – PhenomWell CBD Store in Salisbury, NC

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While we’ve done many product reviews on CBD & CBD oil products, we don’t have many CBD specialty store reviews in our databases yet. We are looking to change that with our first full review of a CBD specialty store. In our travels to find new CBD & CBD oil products to review for Disciple 420, we came across a new CBD specialty store in Salisbury, NC. Phenomwell is located at 704B Jake Alexander Blvd. in Salisbury, NC, and is a full-service CBD store.

In reviewing a store that sells CBD, one of our first critiques is based on the variety of CBD products offered. Being a CBD specialty store, Phenomwell nailed this category. From gummies to flower, to CBD oil, this store has it all. While the selection of CBD flower is limited at the moment, Phenomwell had a large variety of CBD gummies, CBD Oil, CBD Creams, and even CBD products for your pet. The owners have taken a great interest in the cannabis & CBD oil market, and it shows in the variety of brands and CBD products they have to offer consumers.

After seeing the wide variety of products, it was time to sample a few. The owner was quick to share his expertise on the products, and even showed off the strength of one of his CBD oil products by Revolution Organic. They also had some sample CBD gummies out, but after the oil, it was hard to really gauge the strength of the CBD gummies. Either way, we have to give the store high marks on the quality of CBD product they are offering. I have to say it’s a lot stronger than some of the other CBD oil products I’ve had around North Carolina.

Interior of Phenomwell CBD Store in Salisbury, NC.
Inside of PhenomWell CBD Store in Salisbury, NC

In conversing with the owner, and getting some information for the review, I also noticed that the owner had a lot of information on CBD products. I think this is a great idea for anyone selling CBD oil, and also very valuable information for new CBD users, or anyone interested in finding out more about CBD. The clean, neat, and welcoming atmosphere also makes you feel comfortable sitting around and browsing some of the information on the products. So we have to give extra points for the CBD educational information.

Now it was time to get down to one of the biggest factors in choosing a place to buy your CBD products. Having hit all the other important categories, it was now time to get down to pricing. Being impressed with the store and the products I was waiting for sticker shock, but the store was right in line and even lower priced than some of the other places around Salisbury. I have to give PhenomWell some high scores on pricing as well.

Overall, I have to give this store all positive reviews. I would definitely recommend it to my friends, and will be a repeat customer. If you want to find out more about PhenomWell in Salisbury, NC, I have linked their website in the article. While they don’t have online sales yet, they hope to have online sales running as soon as possible, so if you’re not from NC I suggest giving their virtual store a try too.


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