CBD Flower Review – Franny’s Farmacy Electra Flavor from Asheville, NC


So hemp just became legal in the state of North Carolina, and I am from North Carolina, so I thought I would do my first CBD Review on some flower I purchased at Village Grocery at 4450 US-601, in Salisbury, NC 28147. I am a chronic pain sufferer who doesn’t like to take a bunch of pills & pharmaceuticals to combat my pain. So the legalization of CBD has been a blessing for me and many that I know who worked in the construction or automotive industries for an extended period of time. While it took some time for North Carolina to get to distribution status, CBD has finally made it to the store shelves legally in North Carolina.

As a lifelong resident of the Carolina’s, minus one year in Chicago, I wanted to give props to the local hemp growers in Asheville, NC by the name of Franny’s Farmacy. Asheville is also one of my favorite places to visit when traveling outside of my home base in the Charlotte, NC area, so I must say I was biased in choosing which CBD product I wanted to review first for my blog post. Location will play no factor in this review though, as Franny’s Farmacy’s Elecrra brand flower product is an excellent product.

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Skeptical of all the flower CBD products when they came out, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I got hold of this Franny’s Farmacy Electra product. From the look the visible product package I could see that the buds were good. Forgive me for the bad picture as I didn’t think about starting a review site until I actually sampled the product. While the product was clearly visible through the packaging, getting into the packaging was a little challenging without breaking the resealable seal leading to my only complaint with the Franny’s Farmacy product which was the packaging wasn’t pre=cut for easy opening. Everything else that I graded on however, more than exceeded the expectations in my mind of what any flower CBD product could deliver in benefits.

After getting into the packaging without breaking the zipper seal, my first test was the smell test. I must say the product smelled very nice. and very similar to the real cannabis product, with a sweet but spicy smell. I have to give the smell of the product an A for excellent, because it smelled straight up like some dank out of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup finals. I also have to admit it raised my expectations a little bit more prior to really getting into the texture and sampling the taste of the product.

After admiring the smell, I pulled out the entire bud and it was very good texture, size, fluff, crystallization, and everything else that you would expect out of a cannabis plant, but with a CBD based plant. It was an excellent looking bud before I started sampling, and I have to apologize to Franny’s Farmacy again for not getting a shot before, but I promise I will on the next flavor, but it was an excellent looking 1 gram nug. As I begin to grind the product up for ingestion of the medication, it had a great feel, stickiness, and met all measures of a good quality bud. So as far as texture, look, and feel, I will give the Franny’s Farmacy Electra an A as well. Very good texture, size, and quality.

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Now that we had examined the results of some good quality control on the growers at Franny’s Farmacy, it was time to get down to what everyone was waiting for. Did the product work to relax pain, induce relaxation, improve concentration, and all of the other positive benefits that CBD can provide. As my preferred method of medicating is smoking, i packed my Franny’s Farmacy Electra bud into my pipe and took the first toke. I must say I was panicked, it smelled like one hitter quitter. I’ve been disappointed by products claiming to provide similar results, so I took another toke. After two tokes, nothing yet, took another toke, and there we go. The medication begin to take effect and I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised. While a lot more mellow and last a fraction of the time of what regular cannabis would produce, the Franny’s Farmacy Electra Flower CBD buds lasted still for a good 45-60 minutes. I must say it had a nice mellow buzz. More of a relaxing body buzz than a head buzz, but definitely a great legal pain relieving substitute for opioids.

If anyone else is like me, you get drug tested for work or are under the threat of being drug tested at work, so you have to limit the cannabis use. I have to say this is a great alternative, and definitely a great way to relax at the end of a long hard day at work. If your looking to try CBD as a pain relieving alternative to prescription medication, I would highly recommend it. Please click on our affiliate links to help keep the blog going and thanks for following.

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