Bills Aimed at Decriminilizing Marijuana in Virginia Defeated


HB 2371, Which Would Have Legalized Marijuana, Defeated in Virginia General Assembly

While many thought that Virginia was right there on the brink of becoming legal and decriminalized, the bill got defeated again. HB 2371 was introduced by state Senator Steve E. Heretick, a long time advocate for cannabis and marijuana reform in the state of Virginia.

While the legalization of medicinal marijuana was a big win for marijuana & cannabis advocates in 2016, legalization of recreational marijuana will have to wait. The 2018 Farm Bill was also a big victory for the Virginia cannabis industry as well, legalizing the growth of the hemp version of the cannabis plant.

Another bill in the state General Assembly similar to HB 2371 was also defeated in the legislative session, which would have decriminalized simple possessions of marijuana offenses in the state of Virginia. This bill was introduced by Senator Adam Ebbin.

While both bills may have suffered defeat this time in the General Assembly, Virginia will be no different from other states having to deal with regulations and languages in state laws in regards to cannabis and the 2018 Farm Bill. The 2018 Farm Bill passed by the United States Congress last year is almost certain to bring the issues of legalizing marijuana & decriminalizing simple possession of marijuana again in the General Assembly.

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