Bill For Medicinal Use of THC CBD Oil in Kansas has Passed House Committee.

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On Tuesday night, March 26, 2019, a bill in Kansas that would make the use of THC CBD oil legal for medicinal uses passed House Committee with a vote of 89-27. With the vote, the bill will now move forward to a final vote on the house floor on Wednesday, and it is expected to move on the Kansas Senate later this week.

House Bill 2244 is also known as “Claire and Lola’s Law”, named after Gwen and Scott Hartley, who says their daughter Lola needs the life saving medication for a condition called microcephaly. The couple lost there first daughter Claire at 17 from the same microcephaly condition. which is a condition where a child’s brain doesn’t fully develop and the child has an abnormally small head for his or her age.


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