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Disciple 420 is a website dedicated to the promotion of CBD Hemp Products for physical, mental, & spiritual well-being through the use of 100% natural CBD and hemp products. We also support the legalization of medicinal marijuana, to provide alternative pain management options for chronic pain sufferers to current opioid pain management prescription drug regimes. Our primary purpose is to offer the truth about CBD Hemp Products & Medicinal Marijuana, to help combat the misinformation currently being spread by Big Pharma, who are generally 33%-50% of all main stream & cable media news outlets, regardless of political leanings.

We feel medicinal marijuana is a non-partisan issue, and also a much safer alternative to synthetically made prescription drugs for most chronic pain issues. We believe that natural alternatives are better for long-term pain management programs, and that prescription drug regimes should be for short-term pain management and terminally ill patients.

CBD & Cannabis also provide a number of health benefits in addition to it’s use as a pain management aid. CBD Oil has also been linked to improving muscle recovery in athletes, cannabis oil linked to curing some forms of cancer, seizure relief in certain epileptic patients, relaxation, mental focus, & many other positive benefits. We want to help share the patient’s story and how these positive qualities of CBD & Cannabis have helped you the patient, not the bottom line of Big Pharma.

Just as with any popular product, frauds are abound, and we don’t want our readers getting ripped off by fake products. It has been proven time and time again that the real leaders and legitimate producers of CBD Oil & Cannnabis are more than willing to put their product on the line for testing and review, so it is our hopes that we can get a great blog going about the leaders in the industry, so that we can push out all the bad players, in addition to helping the newcomers to the industry to improve their products and product brands. If you’re looking to have your product reviewed, please fill out the contact form below, and we will give you information on where to send samples and promotional material.

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