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Pure Gold Hemp Stix Pre-Roll CBD Reviews – Original Flavor

x Pre-Rolled CBD Reviews by Disciple 420 Pre-rolled joints, spliffs, and cigars filled with CBD and a mixture of other herbal ingredients are quickly gaining in popularity across the country. One brand quickly popping up in stores across North Carolina is a pre-roll CBD brand called Hemp Stix by Pure Gold CBD. For this CBD […]

CBD Oil Reviews Smart Organics CBD Oil Products

Smart Organics Advanced CBD Oil w/ Terpene Complex Review

This is the Smart Organics CBD Oil with Terpene Complex

CBD Oil Reviews Revolution Organic CBD Oil Product Reviews

Revolution Brand – Organic CBD Oil Product Review

Review of Revolution Organic CBD Oil product.

Colorado Hemp Honey Brand CBD Coffee Review

Product Introduction As the CBD market became legal to all 50 states, so came a new and wide variety of CBD products for those of us in states less friendly to full cannabis legalization. One of these CBD products that are new to us in the North Carolina area was CBD Coffee. We came across this CBD product when hunting for CBD Oil to review in Simple Foods of Salisbury, NC and decided to give it a try and add it to our growing list of CBD product reviews. So in this CBD product review, we will be reviewing the Colorado

CBDfx 20mg CBD Chill Shot – Lemonade Flavor Review

CBD Drink Product Review of CBDfx Chill Shot As CBD products become more mainstream across the country, more and more product options are becoming available as well. Readers in states where cannabis products have been legal prior to 2019 have probably already got to experience this great variety of cannabis products, but for the rest of us, it's a wonderful & new experience. One of these new cannabis products that we recently discovered was a CBD drink product by CBDfx, called the CBD chill shot. We found this CBD drink product at the University High Life Smoke Shop in Charlotte, NC where