Cannabis Legalization Being Held Hostage By Special Interest in Illinois


Special Interest Groups Crying Foul On Marijuana Legalization in Illinois

Just when Illinois and New York thought they were going to get pro-marijuana legislation passed, civil rights & special interest groups have stepped in to block them. A proposal to legalize adult-use cannabis in Illinois by Jan. 1, 2020, was filed in the state Senate on Monday, but the state’s powerful House speaker said its passage is not guaranteed to happen as soon as they thought.

While Governor J.B. Pritzker seems to be in support of cannabis legalization, he is noted by the Belleville News-Democrat as backing off some of the early enthusiasm in announcing the latest proposal known as Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 7 saying now it could be a start point for debate versus more confident language last week.

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The sudden loss of confidence seems to be from House Speaker Mike Madigan, a Chicago Democrat, latest comments on the proposal. Speaker Madigan noted that he didn’t think they had the 60 needed votes to get passage, due to some “language” in the bill.

While the bill allows for expungements for cannabis charges and other minor offenses, low-interest loans for those affected by the war on drugs, treatment & education, some groups like the NAACP & Smart Approaches to Marijuana oppose the bill. Being represented in the press conference by Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, both groups believe “that expansion of legal pot would exacerbate an existing issue with use and addiction” according to the Chicago Tribune. There are also concerns among the opposition groups about THC content & labeling.

Powerful Democrats At Odds

This puts powerful Democrats at odds, as just four days ago the proposal by Governor J. B. Pritzker & fellow Democrats almost seemed like a done deal. The Governor touted this bill as “the most equity-centric law in the nation” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

State Sen. Toi Hutchinson, D-Olympia Fields, who was also a major contributor to the bill was quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times as saying the proposal “serves as the single-biggest piece of criminal justice reform as it relates to the war on drugs that the Legislative Black Caucus has ever been able to be a part of passing.”

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While most expected law enforcement and evangelical groups to oppose the bill, no one expected this kind of push back from special interest groups serving those that would see the most positive impact from criminal record expungement, justice reform, entrepreneurship opportunities, and jobs. These neighborhoods and communities would also see the most investment by the state into programs and priority in licensing applications.

Disciple 420’s Opinion

We aren’t political experts here, we are cannabis advocates, but it seems as if special interest groups are working against the people they are trying to represent. We hope their just holding out for money and posturing for political purposes, but the arguments being presented have been proven not to hold weight or merit in other states that have legalized marijuana.

Holding the people that you represent hostage for some cash is bad, but killing the bill all out and siding with groups you oppose on nearly every other issue is just plain corrupt. Let’s just hope the price tag in pay to play politics isn’t too much, and our brothers and sisters in the cannabis community in Illinois can begin to enjoy 100% legalized cannabis freedom.

Thanks for reading this blog post, and be sure to check out Disciple 420‘s latest blog posts. Check out our social media as well, and be sure to give us a like and a follow.

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Cannabis 2020 – The Push For Full Cannabis Legalization


Medix CBD Premium CBD Oil

Putting Cannabis At The Forefront of the 2020 Elections Cycle

It’s that time again. No, not 4:20, but another presidential election cycle and a more than healthy dose of political jargon to decipher & deal with on TV and social media. Before we know it we’ll be seeing ads, banners, signs, flyers, and anything else politicians can do to grab our attention. While we don’t associate we either political party, voting is our fundamental right as Americans, and our civic duty as cannabis lovers to elect politicians friendly to our industry and lifestyle.

The purpose of this blog post isn’t to endorse a single candidate or a political party, but rather to encourage our readers to bring cannabis issues to the forefront of the election cycle. The greatest thing about cannabis is the diverse group of people that use cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The cannabis community has advocates in nearly every demographic group measured by political scientists and pollsters, yet we seem to take the most losses when it comes to legislative issues.

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While it seems we have a lot of vocal support from many politicians, we could probably count on one hand the number of representatives on the national level actually writing and putting legislation forward for votes. Then when we press those vocal politicians for action, we get the same bi-partisan response of “we should let the states decide”.

Well the states have decided, with a majority of states having some form of medicinal marijuana.

Cannabis Legalization Accelerating At The State Level

Now that enough states have decided to move forward with cannabis initiatives, the time is now to get our politicians to act on a national level. While my home state of North Carolina hasn’t made the cut on full cannabis legalization, they have embraced the industrial hemp industry, which has been a huge economic boon for our state and the country.

We might add that this economic boom for the farmer and small businesses has turned out to be the best advocate for the full legalization of the cannabis plant in North Carolina and around the country. When profits outpace bribes, real legislation can happen.

2018 Farm Bill Big Win For Cannabis Industry

With the 2018 Farm Bill, Congress passed a bill that was a huge win for the cannabis industry, and it is having an even more far-reaching effect than myself and many industry experts could imagine.

While a big win economically, the introduction of hemp products to the mainstream markets, also brings marketing & education for consumers. Being able to provide this education on industrial hemp has helped debunk a lot of the myths about cannabis that the anti-cannabis activists have used to stigmatize one of the most useful plants on the planet.

The 2018 Farm Bill has also forced many state legislatures to change their current legislation regarding industrial hemp, leading to more opportunities for our state representatives to introduce full cannabis legalization legislation. New legislation at both the state and national level is being introduced at a much faster rate than we’ve ever seen before. Even the Bible Belt and Midwestern states are heading towards full legalization of cannabis to help save their agricultural industries.

Putting Pressure on National Congress Members

This brings us back to our national congressional leaders. While most states are doing their part to embrace the cannabis industry, at the federal level of government our congressional leaders seem stalled. It seems as if campaigning seasons are starting earlier and earlier, and God forbid acting on an issue that actually has bi-partisan support from constituents, and an overwhelming majority of support in the polls. Some demographic groups poll as high as 75% in favor of marijuana legalization according to

We all have our theories on why members of Congress fail to act on this issue when clearly the general public favors legalization, the fact remains that the most vocal supporters don’t act on their campaign promises. While many thought politicians being bought off was a conspiracy theory, new technology and the sharing of information has really shed light on how Big Pharma & other lobbies keep cannabis illegal. The money trail can no longer be hidden in the technological age, and the days of influencing voters with false information are over.

Anotther popular opinion about Congressional leaders that’s proven to be true is that members of Congress are addicted to the power they hold. In turn, they will not put forth any real legislation that may be controversial to some of their most vocal voting blocks for fear of losing campaign contributions. Fear of losing an election now dominates the minds of members of Congress, so enacting real positive change has taken a back seat to win elections.

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The end result is no real option for the cannabis voter. Our politicians are now wasting time on questioning the results of an election that happened almost 3 years ago. Now we’re in campaign season for 2020 already, and high profile and high ranking members of Congress have always avoided “fringe issues” during this time of the election cycle.

Farm Bill Makes 2020 Election Different For Cannabis Advocates

The 2020 election is different though. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and the legalization of industrial hemp, the political game has changed for those seeking office. Politicians are now feeling pressure from retail & agricultural lobbies that have the same kind of power Big Pharma has.

The 2018 Farm Bill and industrial hemp market have hit the mainstream, and more and more people are seeing the benefits and positive uses of the cannabis plant. The plant is disrupting a number of different industries, and disruption in markets is seen as a positive economic benefit in the long term.

When combining both marijuana and industrial hemp the cannabis industry is currently having positive effects in a disrupting a number of industries and key social issues that our government has failed us on.

Here is a short list of industries cannabis is disrupting in just the short time it has been legal in some form in all 50 states.

Industries & Social Issues Disrupted By Cannabis Legalization
  • Healthcare – Cannabis is replacing highly addictive and dangerous medications for pain, anxiety, seizures, and a host of other ailments.
  • Environmental & Sustainable Products – Cannabis is a much more efficient & safer product to make plastics, clothing, & a host of other disposable materials and products that aren’t biodegradable.
  • Agricultural – While farming hemp and marijuana is no easy task, it has been a cash crop for farmers looking to stay alive, ensuring we have another generation of farmers to sustain our way of life.
  • Construction – From concrete to siding, hemp is a more efficient and environmentally friendly product than other products being used in the building industry.
  • Retail & Small Businesses – The heart of our economy, industrial hemp has offered a new product and service for retailers to offer, even bringing some big-name retailers new customers and larger revenue streams.
  • Stock Market – Banking may still be difficult for cannabis suppliers and distributors, but make no bones about it, cannabis stocks are hot and Wall Street is making huge profits off them.
  • Employment – Introduce a 1-2 billion dollar industry to an already thriving economy just equals more jobs.
  • Prison Reform – Allowing non-violent marijuana offenders to be released from the prison system not only saves tax dollars, but it also puts more workers out to generate more tax revenue.

This is just a short list of industries and social issues that cannabis has affected, but one common theme in every industry & social issue listed is cannabis offers a more efficient and sustainable product than what it is being used to replace. With environmental and health issues taking the forefront of the 2020 election cycle, no other single raw material has a better track record for being more environmentally friendly and safe for humans than the cannabis plant.

Forcing Bi-Partisan Support For Cannabis Through Economics

Cannabis has now forced its way into both political parties world. Certain industries have certain political parties and activists that support them, but as you can see from the industries and social issues that cannabis is disrupting, the cannabis issue can no longer be ignored. As more and more businesses profit from the plant, and more and more users see benefits from the plant, the more pressure members of Congress will see in regards to cannabis reform.

We now have the power of the purse at our disposal, and we can make a very significant impact through the simple economic theories of supply and demand. If we choose cannabis products over the alternatives, we can force suppliers and retailers to lobby for us. Adding a financial motive to gain advocates is just a byproduct of all the hard work we’ve done to get to this point.

In addition to profits for corporations, cannabis is a much more affordable alternative for most of us in regards to healthcare, leaving more money in our pockets to do things we might want to do, instead of being forced to pay it out to Big Insurance Companies and Big Pharma. We can also reduce the caseload for doctors and hospitals.

Holding Candidates Responsible

Cannabis users aren’t one issue voters, but be sure to research your candidates. I for one am guilty of listening to a candidate instead of researching their records, but new technology and free tools for voters are now available, making it very easy for voters to research their candidates votes. Let’s face it, there’s candidates on Capitol Hill in Washington DC who have said they’ve supported the legalization of cannabis for years, but yet to put one single piece of legislation forward to make the change happen. It’s time to vote these members out.

If we can get a bill like the 2018 Farm Bill passed in one of the most polarized cycles of Congress, then we can make it across the finish line on full legalization. If your party or candidate is an incumbent, force them to sponsor a bill on full legalization of cannabis. If they can’t, vote them out in the primary. Don’t even let them make it to the general election.

Positive Executive Branch Outlook for Cannabis Industry

No one in their right mind would have ever thought Donald Trump would be President of the United States when industrial hemp would become legal again. If we could get our legislation to the executive branch, there is a good chance it will get signed. This time around he’s going to be forced on the issue, as a host of other presidential candidates have voiced their support for the full legalization of cannabis.

It seems the executive branch will be our easiest battle, so for cannabis supporters, our important political races are going to be at the state representative levels for the Senate and the House of Representatives. We settle for vocal support anymore, we need action. If your members of Congress have been sitting for 50 years idle on the issue, it’s time to vote them out. Remember disruption is a good thing.

Keep Your Advocacy Work Friendly

Last but not least, let’s keep it friendly and peaceful as we always have. Cannabis users are the most friendly voting block, and positive attitudes are contagious. The old saying goes “you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar”, so kill them with kindness. In a political arena full of hatred and shit talking, they won’t know what to do with someone treating them kindly.

Also, stay educated on your choices. If a candidate is for full cannabis legalization but has a history of animosity towards cannabis issues, chances are they’re not a good choice. If they have supported cannabis, research how they’re supporting it, and if they’re using their vote to back up their words. We all understand there are other issues affecting us all, but chances are somebody that supports your issue also supports the cannabis issue as well.

Most importantly, get out and vote. No matter what candidate you vote for, the most important thing is to vote. All the advocacy in the world is no good if you don’t vote.

Thank you for reading our little political rant on the 2020 election, and we hope we didn’t offend anyone. We also want to thank you for supporting the cannabis industry and be sure to check out our other Disciple 420 blog posts for more information, news, and reviews on cannabis topics and products. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media as well. We hope everyone stays sane and calm as we enter the 2020 election cycle.

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CBDfx 20mg CBD Chill Shot – Lemonade Flavor Review


Medix CBD Premium CBD Oil

CBD Drink Product Review of CBDfx Chill Shot

As CBD products become more mainstream across the country, more and more product options are becoming available as well. Readers in states where cannabis products have been legal prior to 2019 have probably already got to experience this great variety of cannabis products, but for the rest of us, it’s a wonderful & new experience.

One of these new cannabis products that we recently discovered was a CBD drink product by CBDfx, called the CBD chill shot. We found this CBD drink product at the University High Life Smoke Shop in Charlotte, NC where they had this product for sale next to a few other CBD products. Since we hadn’t done a CBD drink product review yet for the Disciple 420 blog, we decided to give this CBD chill shot a try.

In addition to being a new CBD product for us to review, the price point for the product was also a huge selling point. At $6.99 it was priced right in line with some of the energy shots you see in gas stations, so it was definitely worth a try. We might also add that the packaging & branding was also an eye-catcher, so we have to give CBDfx an A on marketing and price.

Since smell and appearance don’t really factor in much into a drink product, we must note that the shot smelled and looked just like lemonade. Obviously, we wouldn’t have tried it if it smelled like ass, but the smell of a drink can factor into how the drink taste.

Moving along, it was time to get down to tasting the product, and testing the effect of the product. With the product being labeled a CBD chill shot, we decided to shoot it like a shot is supposed to be taken. In doing so, we may have missed out on some of the flavors, but nonetheless the CBD chill shot tasted exactly like a shot of lemonade. With that being said, we have to give the product another A on taste.

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Like with any CBD product that you ingest orally, it takes a little time for the CBD to take effect. After waiting for the normal 15-20 minutes, the effect finally kicked in. With the shot only containing 20mg of CBD, we weren’t expecting to an intense effect, however, it did have a decent effect. We think a little more CBD could make the product a tad better, so we have to give the product a B for effect.

Overall though, we have to say we recommend this CBD drink product. A little pricey for us for everyday use, it’s definitely a good product for the weekends. It’s also a nice change of pace from the smokeable and edible CBD products we generally review, so look for it next time you’re at your local CBD supply source.

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Thanks for reading this review and be sure to check out some of our other Disciple 420 blog posts. Subscribe, follow, and like us on social media and we will see you in the next blog post.


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Hemp 4 Victory CBD Flower Product Review


Diamond CBD

Hemp 4 Victory – 16% Lifter Strain – CBD Flower Review

It’s time for another CBD flower review on Disciple 420, and this CBD flower review is on the brand Hemp 4 Victory. Hemp 4 Victory is a CBD flower product produced in Asheville, NC, and I found it in a local head shop in the Charlotte area by the name of Infinity’s End.

Hemp 4 Victory Packaging

As you can see from the packaging there’s not much to the branding other than a sticker on a nice resealable baggie. With a clear view on the opposite side, as a consumer, you can examine the CBD flower, without opening the product. Altogether though, we think the packaging and branding could use a little work, but the packaging really isn’t a big deal after you’ve made the purchase.

As you can see from the packaging and price tag in the above photo, that this was an economically motivated purchase at the price of $24.99 for 3.5 grams. At that price, this makes this one of the more affordable CBD flower options for CBD users in the North Carolina area that we have found. We have to give this product a good review on price point, as it was definitely better priced than some of the other options Infinity’s End had.

While price and branding can make a difference in buying CBD products, it really all boils down to what the product inside is like. So after opening the package, and giving the buds the classic smell and feel test, it seems as if the product is priced to sell. In smelling and feeling the buds, the buds were somewhat sticky, and had a decent smell. We’ve felt stickier, and smelled stronger, but we have to give the product a average rating on smell and feel.

Hemp 4 Victory CBD Flower

After doing the usual ritual of admiring, smelling, and feeling the CBD flower buds, it was time to get down to the best part of reviewing CBD flower products, smoking it. In taking the first hit, the flower tasted pretty good, however unlike some other brands we have tried the good taste didn’t last more than one or two puffs. So we have to give the Hemp 4 Victory CBD flower product an average rating on taste as well.

With taste being a little more important than looks & branding, sometimes it’s a good indicator of what the effect is going to be like as well. In this case, it was true. While we did get an effect from the CBD flower by Hemp 4 Victory, it didn’t last as long and wasn’t as intense as some of the other CBD products we have tried. Again, we have to give this product an average rating on effect as well.

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All in all, if you’re hard up for cash or don’t like an intense effect from your CBD product, then we would say give this CBD flower product a try. If you’re like us though and want a stronger taste and stronger effect, we’d probably skip over this CBD flower product for something else. While it has an awesome value, we at Disciple 420 believe it’s worth a couple of extra bucks for a higher quality product, but to each his or her own.

We hope this review will be helpful in your CBD flower purchases and would like to thank you for reading the blog. Be sure to check out our other Disciple 420 posts for more CBD news and reviews regarding the CBD and cannabis industries.


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NC Lawmakers File Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana


Diamond CBD

House Bill 766 Would Revise NC Marijuana Laws

The North Carolina General Assembly had big news for advocates this week, with 4 State House leaders introducing a new bill aimed at revising North Carolina’s marijuana laws. House Bill 766 is looking to change state law so that anyone that has 4 ounces or less of marijuana, would not face penalties or charges for possession of a controlled substance. The bill would also bump up misdemeanor level marijuana crimes up to felony level crimes.

The primary sponsors of HB 766 were state representatives John Autry, Allison Dahle, Pricey Harrison, and Zack Hawkins. Also sponsoring the bill were state representatives John Ager, Kelly Alexander Jr., Cecil Brockman, Carla Cunningham, Susan Fisher, Rosa Gill, Verla Insko, Nasif Majeed, Graig R. Meyer,

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The bill has passed its first reading and will be heading to Committee On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Stay tuned to Disciple 420 for breaking news on North Carolina cannabis laws, and be sure to check out our latest posts for other cannabis industry news and reviews. Thanks for reading.


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Smart Organics Advanced CBD Oil w/ Terpene Complex Review


Smart Organics Full Spectrum Advanced CBD Oil – 18.5% (Cannabidiiol) – 375 mgs with Terpene Complex Review

It’s time for another Disciple 420 product review on CBD OIl, and this blog post features a 375mg, 18.5% (Cannabidiol) concentrate CBD oil with Terpene Complex, made by a company by the name of Smart Organics. We found this product at our local CBD Specialty Shop in Salisbury, North Carolina by the name of PhenomWell CBD Store. We did a review of PhenomWell CBD store not to long ago, so decided to drop back by and check out some of their other CBD products.

The last time we were in the store we tried their Revolution brand product that was of great quality, so we decided to go with their Smart Organics brand of full-spectrum CBD Oil. We’ve also been interested in trying the Terpene Complex as well, so this was a perfect product for me and my wife to try together. The dosage worked out perfect for halving when accounting for body weight for the two of us, as the wife adjusts to the initial effects of CBD & cannabis wellness products.

Here is a picture of the product before opening.

Product Packaging Details

As you can see the product packaging is very professional and clearly marked a nutritional supplement. The product is Chlorophyll Free, 100% Solvent Free, non-GMO, and Gluten Free. It is also 100% solvent free, grown with European Hemp, and blended with 100% botanically derived terpenes, as noted on the packaging.

In this box was 375 mgs of CBD oil containing 18.5% CBD Oil (Cannabinoid) from Hemp, with a Terpene Complex Proprietary Blend. It is a full-spectrum CBD oil product, meaning that it does contain a small amount of THC that is less than 0.3%, as required by law. If you have drug testing for employment or probation, you may want to use the broad spectrum version of this product.

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Supplemental Information & Dosage Recommendations

Moving on to the supplemental information, the daily recommended dosage of this CBD oil is 1 mL, and the product contains 30 Servings. Recommended dosage is 1 mL dropper full of the product, as needed or directed by healthcare provider. Taking 1 dropper full a day would be a month supply, but this is probably more like a 2 week supply for myself and my wife.

Product Pricing

For a two week supply for two people the price of the product was around $80. It seems high at first, but after checking around at some other stores for the same products, its right their in the ballpark for retail store pricing. I’m sure you can find it cheaper online somewhere, but we’re trying to support the local CBD distributors, and the instant access to the purchased product is nice too.

Taste Review

Now it was time to remove the seal and give this CBD oil product a sample. As a cannabis enthusiast, I always like the taste of oil but was looking forward to seeing how the terpenes interacted with the CBD oil flavor. Drawing a full dose for myself, and a half dose for the wife, we both took a dose and held it under the tongue.

I must say it had a little bit more of a tingle than regular CBD oil at first, and then the CBD oil flavor gradually kicked in. It was nice to have two different sensations when dosing the CBD oil, so I would definitely recommend trying some CBD oil with terpenes, whether it’s this product or another after trying it myself.

Effect Review

After the taste had finally wore off, the effect begin to take hold. It took about 20-30 minutes to really feel the effect, which is about average time for myself, however, it didn’t have the initial strong effect some other CBD oil’s I’ve tried had yet, but it still had a slightly above average initial effect.

While the initial effect may not have been as strong as others, it does seem like the longevity of the effect is right up there with some of the other CBD oil products that we’ve reviewed. Overall, we would give the Smart Organics brand of CBD Oil with Terpene an above average rating on the effect.

Overall Recommendation

Having tried quiet a few brands now, I’d have to say I would give this product a try if I was looking. While I’m one that likes the initial effect to be a little stronger, adjusting the dose made the difference for me. My wife however likes the fact that the initial effect isn’t so strong, and the product last longer than some others we’ve tried.

Since part of the fun of CBD oil and the cannabis culture is trying new products, give this one a shot if you see it on the shelf. Thanks for reading Disciple 420 and we hope you enjoyed this CBD oil review. Be sure to check out our latest Disciple 420 posts for more in cannabis news and reviews.


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Texas HB 1365 Cannabis Bill Moves to Sub-Committee Hearing


Diamond CBD

13-Year Old Texan, Living in Colorado To Recieve CBD Medication For Seizures, Pens Letter to Texas Lawmakers Ahead of Vote

Today, April 11th, 2019, Texas legislatures pushed House Bill 1365 one step closer to becoming a reality. Texas lawmakers in the House voted to move the bill to a subcommittee hearing.

The bill is focused on authorizing the possession, use, cultivation, processing, distribution, transportation, and delivery of medical cannabis for medical use by patients with certain debilitating medical conditions and the licensing of dispensing organizations and testing facilities. The bill will expand the currentTexas Compassionate Use Act Program to cover more patients and increase access to cannabis-derived drugs.

Currently, Texas has some of the most conservative cannabis laws in the country, but lawmakers are looking to change it. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, and advocates like 13-year old Alexis Bortell, her family, and friends, who have been negatively impacted by the current Texas cannabis laws, simply because she was prone seizures not treatable by any other medication. Countless patients leave Texas every year, to go to other states where cannabis-derived medications are available.

Texas Refugees Living In Colorado Seeking Texas Cannabis Reform

Texas’ conservative laws towards cannabis & CBD oil, has forced her and her family to move to Colorado to receive access to the treatment that they need for Alexis’ epilepsy. Since moving to Colorado to receive medication derived from cannabis plants, Alexis has been seizure free for 4 years. In seeing the drastic improvement in the quality of life of Alexis, the Bortell’s were forced to stay in Colorado. The state of Texas just removed hemp & CBD from it’s banned substances list.

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Even having to leave family & friends in Texas, the Bortell’s have made the best of living in the state of Colorado, and are very grateful for the laws allowing access to life-saving cannabis drugs by everyone, however, they wish they could be back in Texas with extended family. The family has been advocating for cannabis law reform in Texas while living in Colorado. Also while in Colorado, the family has set up an organic farm for the homeless and worked to help other patients who have moved from other states for access to cannabis-derived drugs, like themselves.

The Bortell’s are looking for full decriminalization of cannabis, including marijuana. because in their experience & research of other states laws in regard to medicinal cannabis, these bills often times leave out certain groups of patients like Alexis. The Texas Legislature HB 1365 is one of these bills and does not include language to cover Alexis’ condition.

Disappointment But Grateful For Texas Cannabis Reform Progress

The Bortell’s do remain positive, even though they are disappointed in the language and coverage of patients included in the Texas House Bill 1365. Even without the language needed for Alexis, the Bortell’s think this is a step in the right direction. Ahead of the most recent action on HB 1365, to move HB 1365 to sub-committee hearing, Alexis and her family hand delivered this letter to Senator Lucio, the primary author & sponsor of the bill.

The letter was shared with the public via Facebook & can be seen in its full text here.

Bi-Partisan Support For Cannabis Reform in Texas

Thanks to the help of the Alexis Bortell, her family, and Texas cannabis reform advocates across the state and country, the State of Texas has a more promising outlook in changing their conservative attitudes towards cannabis. In their advocacy work, they have been able to educate farmers, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, and a host of others to join forces in pushing for lawmakers to introduce new bills, that would allow the cannabis industry to move into Texas’ already booming state economy.

With some unlikely news and help from major retailers & the agricultural industry, Texas conservatives have been forced to face some of their core constituents head-on about cannabis reform. While evangelicals and some law enforcement have groups pushing back, some inside their sectors are pushing back as well including prison reform groups and non-denominational Christians, and other groups of faith. The pressure has already lead to a large group of Republicans to sign on to this bill and could be the key factor in future Texas cannabis law reform.

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The irony of it all is that it seems as if cannabis is bringing lawmakers together on the state level now, as well as a national level. To think a cannabis plant is bringing two of the most divisive groups in the country together on at least this issue and is just more proof that full decriminalization of the plant needs to happen.

We will keep you informed on developing stories on Texas House Bill 1365, and be sure to support Alexis & Texas cannabis advocates by showing your support. Thanks for reading Disciple 420 and check out our other blog posts on what’s happening around the country in the cannabis industry.


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CBD Oil Demand Driving Force Behind Cannabis Law Reform


Diamond CBD

2018 Farm Bill Sends CBD Demand Soaring

The 2018 Farm Bill passed by the United States Congress has been one of the most beneficial pieces of legislation that’s ever been passed in regards to cannabis law reform. While industrial hemp is only a first step in full legalization of cannabis, the 2018 Farm Bill has had a much larger & far-reaching impact for cannabis industry & cannabis reform than many experts thought. The 2018 Farm Bill has opened doors for a multitude of industries, leading to an economic boon, going unnoticed by many in the mainstream media.

One of the biggest economic effects that the 2018 Farm Bill has had on US industry, can be found in the agricultural sector. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth & cultivation of industrial hemp in all 50 states by licensed farmers. As many farmers were seeing the crop they produced being bought outside of the country, or simply being asked not to farm by the USDA, the United States agricultural industry was in a steep decline. The rise and fall of the Ethanol craze and corn production of the early 2000s, had left many farmers looking for a new crop to farm. According to Reuters, Ethanol prices are at a 13-year low, meaning less money for farmers producing corn.

Industrial Hemp New Cash Crop for Farmers

All things changed with the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill. Not only was industrial hemp a new crop they could grow, but it was also a crop seeing a huge spike in demand. Hemp is also a much more labor intensive crop to farm, leading to farmers being able to get higher prices for industrial hemp crops versus other popularly farmed crops.

While a difficult crop to grow, the multitude of uses of industrial hemp leads to a larger customer base than many farmers are used to as well. While we aren’t agricultural industry experts, I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a more versatile agricultural product than industrial hemp. Hemp and CBD oil can be used in a multitude of products and is also a more environmentally friendly, efficient, and safer product to use, then some of the product categories that it competes in.

While cannabis farming is nothing new to some states in the USA with legalized recreational marijuana and/or medicinal marijuana programs, exporting cannabis products to all 50 states is. Most of these states where medicinal marijuana are seeing increases in cannabis production and request for farming permits as well, thanks to more farmers willing to grow hemp instead of marijuana, or both.

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The many uses for industrial hemp is a driving force behind the spike in demand for industrial hemp, however CBD oil seems to be the driving economic factor behind the industrial hemp boom and the increase in agricultural production of the plant. As the nation recovers from an opioid epidemic, fueled by false advertising and a highly addictive product, pain patients everywhere are looking for an alternative to the highly addictive opioid treatment for pain. While not scientifically proven yet, many patients are seeing positive results using CBD oil as a treatment for pain and other common ailments like anxiety, depression, and gut problems.

Regulation Hurdles For CBD Oil

Even with the increasing demand from patients using CBD oil as a supplement, the problem for CBD oil producers, and users is that while industrial hemp may be legal, the plant does contain THC, which is still a banned substance. Also missing from the 2018 Farm Bill legislation was a distinction between CBD oil from hemp, vs. CBD oil from marijuana, and what is going to be classified as a drug, and what is not. While regulation for THC content has been set for growing the hemp plant, at 0.3% THC level, it has not technically been enacted to include CBD oil products. CBD is a chemical compound found inside the industrial hemp plant, lending to FDA regulation, and the missing clarifications have resulted in Congress and state legislatures racing to make the distinction.

Conflicting state and federal laws is another major hurdle for CBD oil producers and state legislatures to address. Most states seem to be embracing the new law and working hard at a state level to make CBD oil from hemp with less than 0.3% THC legal. However, other states like Louisiana have stalled legislation, looking for guidance from the FDA, who has scheduled a public hearing on CBD oil for May 31, 2019.

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While the FDA commissioner has stated that CBD suppliers should be on watch until they’ve issued guidance, he also hinted at the notion of the THC content factor could be the defining factor between legal CBD oil and regulated CBD oil, citing the example of fish oil regulations when testifying in front of Congress recently. The commissioner also stated his enforcement priorities regarding CBD oil right now are aimed at the marketing of CBD oils, and manufacturer’s making false claims about curing capabilities of CBD oil.

CBD Oil Products Driving Industrial Hemp Demand & Legislative Efforts

The major driving factor behind the push for new legislation is farmers and retailers looking to enter the industrial hemp & CBD oil markets. With major retailers like CVS and Walgreens looking to sell CBD products, demand for industrial hemp has never been higher in the United States. States and businesses both are looking to capitalize on the new revenue stream.

CNN Business recently reported in an interview between CNN Business correspondent Parija Kavilanz and Hemp Depot co-founder Andy Rodosevich, a major hemp and CBD producer out of Colorado. Mr. Rodosevich states that he planted over 5 million hemp plants in 2018 and looks to triple that number in 2019 in order to keep up with demand.

“The company planted 5.2 million hemp plants in 2018. “This year we are planting three times that number. We’re trying to keep up with demand for CBD and scale up production,” said Rodosevich.”

CNN Business “These hemp farmers are making a killing on the CBD industry” –
Other Hemp Products Seeing Increases in Demand

In the same CNN Business article, it states that New Frontier Data reported $1.1 billion in sales of hemp products in 2018, with expectations of that number doubling by 2022. Some cannabis industry experts put that at a much higher number, however, all the experts agree that the CBD oil market is pushing the increase in industrial hemp demand & the economic gains being seen by growers and distributors. Other hemp products like rope, clothing, and fiber are looking to see increases in demand as well, but CBD oil is clearly the most sought after hemp product right now.

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As industrial hemp enters the mainstream markets, legislators will be busy with cannabis legislation for a time to come. Hopefully, most states will embrace the new federal law enacted when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law in late December 2018, and create legislation friendly to cannabis farmers and users. States like Texas have already removed hemp from their banned substances list, but a lot of work is left to be done.

One thing is for sure though, CBD oil demand is putting pressure on lawmakers to act, so stay tuned for more updates on legislation regarding CBD oil and industrial hemp legislation news. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our other Disciple 420 posts for more articles on the cannabis industry and CBD oil.


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Pure Relief Pre-Roll CBD Flower Review


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Pure Relief Brand CBD Pre-Roll CBD Flower – Hawaiian Haze Flavor – Product Review

One of the best ways to sample & try CBD flower is in the pre-roll cone or joint. Usually, the pre-rolled CBD flower has enough product in it to get a good taste & feel for what that particular brand or strain of CBD is going to be like. Like many other brands out their, Pure Relief was no different in offering their customers a pre-roll option to sample their product with.

This Pure Relief CBD pre-roll cone that we purchased for this review, has 1 gram of CBD flower, we got the Hawaiian Haze strain, in a sealed plastic package. The package is a nice vacuumed sealed sleek black vinyl package, with graphics and an easy open tear. On the back is the typical age warning and information about the Pure Relief brand and company. Typical pre-roll packaging and nothing really catchy about the branding as you can see from the picture.

After inspecting the package, it was time to open this thing and see what it looked like. Inside was a freshness tube with a childproof lid, so I have to give the company credit for going the extra length to preserve freshness. Removing the pre-roll from the plastic sealed container revealed a typical cone-shaped type spliff. The product was rolled with a Raw brand cone paper, with a whole gram of CBD packed into it. It was rolled tight, as it didn’t spill out on the end, while I inspected it and in preparing for lighting.

It was time to get to the best part of every review, and that was the taste and effect part of the review. After taking a few drags, the product taste similar to the hemp cigarettes, with just a slightly bigger puff capacity thanks to the cone shape. The taste was okay, however it tasted like the CBD was machine-grinded, and could have had some seed particles or stem particles in the mix. We didn’t open the product to look since it was a pre-roll, but everyone knows that distinct seed taste.

As far as the effect was concerned, we got the desired effect we were looking for, even with the average taste at best. While the effect seemed to last as long as similar pre-roll products we have tried, it just didn’t last as long as the price point of the product would warrant.

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This leads us into our final category of the review, and that was the price point. At $12.99 it was cheaper than some of the other flower products that was loose leaf, but still high for some less than average CBD flower.

Overall, if your in a pinch, I guess this one can do, but if your looking for quality, I’d probably pass this one up. For us, the price point is a big factor, and for the price of this product, the quality just didn’t live up to the taste. Presentation and quality control were good, but the flower itself just wasn’t that great, and the effect was average.

Hopefully, they’ll get their plants to cultivate better in the future and we can come back and update the review. We also aren’t the know all on CBD products, so give it a try and submit your own review if you like. Either way, we hope this has been informative. Thanks for reading Disciple 420 and be sure to check out our latest posts & follow us on social media.


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Rural Wyoming Using Cannabis Industry Jobs To Replace Lost Agricultural Jobs


Medix CBD Premium CBD Oil

Another Conservative State Embracing Cannabis Industry

The city of Torrington, Wyoming according to DataUSA demographics, is a town located in Goshen County, WY, with a population size of 6,759 people with a $41,959 Median Household Income. Only about half the population works, and at 18.4% Poverty Rate, it sits well above the national average of around 13%, all while property values and household incomes are slightly rising.

The thing is, Goshen County and Torrington just saw 2 major agricultural industries move out of town or close down. According to the Casper Star-Tribune reporting the Wyoming Ethanol plant closing costs about 20 jobs & the Western Sugar plant closing cost almost 200 workers their jobs, both industries heavily driving the agricultural economy in Goshen County. A really brutal hit to such a tight knit community in Goshen County.

Then came the 2018 Farm bill signed into law in late December 2018, making industrial hemp legal to grow again in the United States on a federal level. Wyoming is like many other states had to take care of their own legislation, but in shocking fashion conservative lawmakers really moved quickly on HB 171 through the Wyoming Legislature. Wyoming Governor signed it into Wyoming law on March 6, 2019.

Diamond Hemp

What makes industrial hemp unique to other parts of the farm bill is for one it’s a cannabis plant, but not of the same variety as it’s counterpart marijuana. Another thing that makes hemp unique is that it grows fast, and is very labor intensive to grow. It’s also in very high demand in the United States right now thanks to the passing of the legislation.

Mix that combination with a high demand for hemp products around the United States, and you have a budding cannabis industry in Wyoming. While lots of regulations are still needed to be taken care of at a federal level, and Wyoming must begin issuing permits and licensing for the hemp crop, this could definitely be the agricultural product needed to replace those jobs lost in Goshen County. You can find out more on the Wyoming Industrial Hemp Program on the Wyoming Department of Agriculture website.

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Stay tuned for more updates on this story, and other cannabis industry related news around the country. Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow us on social media & check out the most recent Disciple 420 posts.


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